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Brickform Stamped Concrete Patio Green Valley, Denver CO

Brickform Stamped Concrete Patio

Green Valley, Denver CO

We find when we go out on our initial estimates that many homeowners would like to have a patio, but are just unaware of the possibilities of what can be done with concrete. Of course most everyone has heard of and seen stamped concrete now. Still, even though you know what stamped concrete is, you simply don’t know what you don’t know.

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Green Valley, Denver, Co Stamped Concrete Patio
Green Valley stamped concrete patio, patio specifics: COLOR: doe skin-238 STAMP: -flagstone ANTIQUE RELEASE tile red-500 BORDER COLOR: chestnut 

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Gorgeous Wheat Ridge Concrete Driveway & Stamped Concrete

Dana Johnson, Denver Concrete Inc consultant stands outside her new conrete project
Denver Concrete Inc consultants, sales experts and administrative staff are all part of the project at Denver Concrete Inc. Dana Johnson, Concrete Expert at Denver Concrete Inc starts this project off with the removal of all existing concrete.

Denver Concrete Inc is not your common everyday Wheat Ridge concrete contractor! We don't claim to be the best, we do our best. Every day. After reading many websites ourselves, we see the same thing over and again. We see nice websites with several nice photos, but we know customers want to see it all. We do not post on social media enough, and most importantly nobody ever shows their mistakes. Something we are going to change.

We decided after reviewing all the Wheat Ridge concrete contractors, we were going to do something different. Something that we did not see a great deal of. We are going to attempt to document every Wheat Ridge concrete project we complete, regardless of whether it is residential or commercial. We are going to show mistakes, how we fix these issues. We are also going to get into the common flaws we see in finished concrete. What to expect and how to take care of new concrete.

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Stamped Concrete Patio Adventure in Aurora, Sable Altura Chambers Neighborhood

property in Sable Altura Neighborhood of Aurora

About 20 minutes east of Denver, alright maybe 15 min east of Denver is Aurora. We are talking about east central Aurora here. Kind of hidden and forgotten, this area of town has a new neighborhood. This neighborhood, formally referred to as Sable Altura Chambers is situated blocks from Sable Elementary school.

Our customer most recently purchased the home and has plans of changing the original landscape that came with the home to include a new stamped concrete patio. Now keep in mind that it is January of 2021, most concrete contractors in Denver are not pouring concrete this time of year. As a matter of fact, many contractors have shut down their practice until warmer weather peaks it’s head out. Regardless, for this customer, they would like to enjoy their new patio at the start of spring 2021. So, it is important to time the pour so that we can avoid freezing temperatures. Additionally, we do end up using blankets on this pour as we did encounter freezing temperatures after the patio was poured. Playing it safe, we decided to use blankets to insure the concrete a successful completion of the hydration process.

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Whenever you hire a contractor of any kind, it is nice to see the work that they perform. At least it would be important in our opinion!

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