Even though our company is located in the heart of Denver, Denver Concrete Inc. is proud to service all of the Greater Denver Metro Area. For more information on the service areas that we offer residential concrete services, make sure to visit our services page here. For this post we are going to cover a project we completed in November 2020. It was a complete driveway replacement as well as front walk replacement in the Meadowlake West neighborhood of Arvada, CO 80004.

You can view the entirety of this project here by clicking the this link, you will be redirected to our "Arvada concrete driveway replacement project" album.In the link to the album above, you will be able to see the entirety of the project from beginning to finish. This album includes videos and photos of the Arvada front stoop and concrete driveway replacement.

Arvada Concrete Driveway Replacement

Denver Concrete Inc. offers concrete driveway replacement as well as brand-new installation. Arvada is a little different than other areas of the Denver Metro and the fact that a solid base is critical in the construction of any new concrete driveway albeit a replacement driveway. All of our Arvada concrete driveways come standard with number three reinforcement bar set every 2 foot on center as well as a 4 inch pour.

For this project, the homeowner had grown tired of their previous conrete driveway. They had already gone through replacing sections of the concrete driveway and at this time it just looked like on big patch job.

Below is a picture of the driveway before we began.

Arvada concrete driveway removal and demolition project completed in November 2020 by Denver Concrete Inc.


As seen in the image above, the homeowner had replaced several sections of the pre-existing concrete driveway. The previous driveway had apron replaced previously as well as a new sidewalk counted on to the driveway which leads into the backyard. This customer wanted to "refresh" look and feel of his home. So we began!

Arvada Concrete Driveway Demolition & Removal

Altogether it took our crew about one day of demolition and removal to completely remove this concrete driveway. In addition to this, our crew had the concrete driveway completely prepared (meaning that they had installed 4 inches of road base and compacted they face) by the end of day one. The following morning our crew had completely installed all of the reinforcement in the forms and was ready to pour the concrete driveway and front walk.

Arvada Concrete Front Stoop Removal

After Demolition Our Crew Prepares the Base & Reinforces

Base preparation and reinforcement are clutch to any successful concrete driveway installation! Reinforcement and proper base installation can help prolong the life of your new concrete driveway for years to come. In the picture below our crew has reinforced this concrete driveway with number three reinforcement bar every 2 foot on center and lifted this reinforcement 2 inches on "adobes" or chairs as they are commonly called. In addition to the base reinforcement and rebar, our crew pumps this driveway so as to not disturb the reinforcement grid that they have constructed.


Below is a short video of the site right before the concrete pour, simply a reiteration of the image above. Here in this video you will see Denver Concrete Inc. crew getting ready for the concrete truck, the pump is ready to go! All of our concrete pours our 4000 psi unless otherwise specified that's exactly what was used in this Arvada concrete driveway replacement project.

Arvada Concrete Driveway Replacement

Pour Day

Now that the crew was completed preparation of the new driveway base and installed reinforcement as well as performed for the new concrete driveway they are ready to pour. Below are images and videos taken during the concrete pour. This driveway and walkway was about 8 yards altogether. Our crew was able to place the concrete in about 45 minutes.

In the video below, our crew has almost the concrete driveway. They have one last corner of the concrete driveway to complete and they will abhorred the entire driveway. It's at this point in time that they will hold float the entire driveway and after that they will be finishing control joints, with a smooth trial finish and then finally a broom finish.

Arvada Concrete Driveway Replacement

Below one of our finishers applies a bull float to the freshly placed concrete. Once concrete is initially placed, there are many highs and lows that need to be leveled out. Finishing concrete is a series of taking out the "highs and lows" for the new surface.

Arvada Concrete Driveway Replacement

In the video below the crew is screeding the lower half of the driveway. This is the first step in taking out the highs and lows left behind after placing the concrete into place. In this video the concrete finisher can be seen tossing concrete with his trowel. Oftentimes concrete finishers are filling in low spots as they work they surface screeding the concrete initially.

Arvada Concrete Driveway Replacement

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