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Castle Rock Concrete Contractors are tough to come by. When it comes to local concrete contractors in Castle Rock, there are a few. This is exactly why Denver Concrete Inc added Castle Rock as a service area. After speaking with many potential customers about the difficulty they had during their search for a "Castle Rock Concrete" company. They either never reached someone in person or the companies that they spoke to were already booked for months!

Denver Concrete Inc is focused on residential concrete services in Castle Rock. This includes the immediate area including but not limited to Castle Pines, Castle Rock, Franktown, Parker and Sedalia! From new concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, garage floors & basement floors, Denver Concrete Inc concrete experts can help you!

Castle Rock Concrete Contractors Services

 Castle Rock garage floor replacement
This replacement garage floor was completed in Castle Rock in September 2020.

Denver Concrete Inc offers a comprehensive line of residential concrete services, including demolition and removal as well as concrete rejuvenation and more!

  • Castle Rock Concrete Driveway Installation \ Replacement: Denver Concrete Inc. installs some of the most beautiful and outstanding driveways. Whether you are looking to replace your existing driveway or add an addition onto an already existing driveway we can help.
  • Castle Rock Stamped Concrete: Our crew has completed over one hundred different stamped concrete projects in the Castle Rock and Castle Pines area! Make sure to check out our stamped concrete portfolio here.
  • Colored Concrete : Coloring your new concrete driveway, patio or walkways can add a more colorfulaccent to your new backyard or landscape. We have well over 35 different colors available for exterior use, adding color to your concrete is affordable and looks beautiful!
  • Sidewalks / Paths / Walkways: If you are looking at adding a new sidewalk along the side of your home to more easily transport your mower into the backyard or a new path to a shed, we can help.
  • Hot Tub Pads: Denver Concrete Inc. installs hot tub pads and swim spa pads. Hot tub pads as well as swim spa pads are a little different in concrete construction. As opposed to a regular concrete patio or concrete driveway, Hot tub pads or port a little thicker with an additional reinforcement. Our crew takes the extra time to make sure these pads are as close to level as possible so that the units on top function properly.
  • Swim Spa Pads: As Mentioned above, Denver Concrete Inc. install swim spa pads. We've had a great deal of success installing swim spa pads in Denver. We construct them a little bit differently than other contractors . Our swim spa pads are constructed to be 6 inches thick with number four reinforcement bar every 1 foot on center. Give us a call about your swim spa project today!
  • Foundations: Concrete foundations for patios, home additions, garage additions and more! Our crew has well over 10 years of experience forming, pouring and finishing foundations.
  • Concrete Patios: Regardless of whether you are considering a new concrete patio or you are in the design stages, our team of concrete experts can help you design the perfect patio! Our color consultant and design expert can also assist you in selecting the perfect texture and finish for your new concrete patio.
  • Outdoor Kitchens: Our team of experts also has experience in designing and installing outdoor kitchens. From outdoor grills to kitchen islands, we can help you select the best design and materials to complete your new outdoor kitchen.
  • Concrete Fire Pits: If you're looking at installing a concrete fire pit or just a gas line for a pre-manufactured fire pit, we can help!
  • Stamped Concrete Rejuvenations / Color & Seal: Over time stamped concrete deteriorates and wears down and eventually becomes unsightly. Our crew of rejuvenation experts can help you bring life back to your stamped concrete patio. Oftentimes our customers tell us, "our stamped concrete patio looks better than when they installed it."

The team at Denver Concrete Inc have completed several projects in and around Castle Rock. From Castle Pines North to The Meadows and all the way to Larkspur, our team knows Castle Rock!

Castle Rock Concrete


Located just minutes from Denver, Castle Rock is definitely it's own place. Even though it is located about 30 minutes south of Denver, Castle Rock has an entirely different soils than does Denver. Shifting soils are a great deal more common in Castle Rock than it is in Denver.

So when it comes to Castle Rock concrete projects, it is important that a new base be created and installed. In Most Denver Concrete Inc. concrete installations we will install a base of 4 inches to 6 inches. It really does depend on the size of the project as to how much space is installed.

Regardless of whether it is a concrete driveway, sidewalk or hot tub had our crew make certain to install a solid base. This portion or step of the process is something that we have seen skipped many of the concrete removal projects that we have completed. It's perhaps one of the most imperative steps and that is to create a solid base on which to build our new concrete installation. Our crew invests significant time and money into preparing the base of your new concrete driveway, hot tub pad or sidewalk so that it can have the longest life possible. Read more about the importance of subgrades in the assessment of them here.

We look forward to helping you with your next project in Castle Rock. Make sure to visit our website at to request a free online estimate today or call our experts at 303-622-3191. Make sure to review our Facebook and Instagram as well for pictures the latest projects that we completed in Castle Rock and other areas of the Denver Metro.

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Castle Rock Concrete Driveway Replacement

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Castle Rock Concrete Patio

Castle Rock concrete back patio and hot tub installation
This new concrete back patio and hot tub had was installed by Denver Concrete Inc. May 2021