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More than likely heard the saying, "you get what you pay for". We understand that when you're looking for Colorado concrete contractors that cost is part of the equation. The last thing you want to do is forego quality for the sake of saving a few bucks, right? That's exactly where the team at Denver Concrete Inc. fits in. Although Denver Concrete Inc is not the most expensive concrete contractor, we are not the cheapest. We do not compete on price.

Colorado concrete contractors Denver Concrete Inc Driveway Replacement Project

This was a complete tear out and replacement of the existing concrete driveway, car port floor as well as front entrance walk way and stoop entrance.

Cheap, Fast, Good

You can have any two of the above that you would like but you cannot have all three. At least this is something that's been true in construction for years. This means, you could have "cheap and fast" or "fast and good" or even "cheap and good" but you cannot have all three.

At Denver Concrete Inc., we focus on delivering "fast and good" and quite honestly we always try to deliver far superior to "good". Overdeliver and under promise. A mantra repeated every project site that we start. We have heard all of the horror stories that you could imagine from customers who have hired rogue contractors in the past. Our customers go on to explain, that they hire us because they know that we are locally based. We have excellent reviews, and they know we will honor warranty issues. It gives them comfort to know that we will be here "tomorrow" when they need us to be.

Denver Concrete Inc colorado concrete contractors

Same project as the tear out and replace concrete driveway ABOVE, here is the car port floor. Circa 2020

When you hire a concrete contractor, you want to know that they will take care of problems. It's how a company takes care of the problems that matters. In construction, it's not if you're going to come across the problem it's when will you come across that problem. Denver Concrete Inc. and all of the team members have extensive experience in construction as well as the concrete industry. We absolutely pride ourselves on providing the highest quality concrete services at the most affordable pricing.

Colorado Concrete Contractors Service Areas

Denver Concrete Inc. is a centrally located concrete contractor located in Denver Colorado. Our service area includes Denver and Boulder Metro areas. Located in central Denver! Denver Concrete Inc is positioned to easily take care of the suburbs of Denver as well as Boulder and up into Loveland!

We know how hard it is to find a dependable and reputable concrete contractor. At least that is what we hear from our customers. We have expanded our service areas in an effort to meed demand.

Not the Largest Concrete Company in Colorado

As we go through our competitors websites and marketing information, we notice that they claim to be the largest or the best in Colorado. Denver Concrete Inc is a small concrete contractor focusing on flat-work concrete installations. Every customer has a name and every project labeled as such. We do not have account numbers and our contract is two pages. We are just a basic concrete contractor focused on excellence. Our customers are our lifeline, and we treat every project just this way.

Stamped concrete patio #denverconcreteinc

ABOVE, new stamped concrete patio in Ashlar Slate stamp, traditional concrete color. Complete Northside Denver, Co circa 2020

Pride & Craftsmanship

There is no better feeling than visiting prior project sites and looking at concrete that was installed correctly. Concrete that stands the test of time. Concrete that never justified a warranty call. That is what we make at Denver Concrete Inc.

"Craftsmanship is still a thing"

Our ownership would rather lose money than deliver a half cocked project. Cutting corners and skipping important steps to the process only delivers trouble in the future. Denver and Colorado for that matter is so small that there is no option for a Colorado concrete contractor to cut corners. The only way to succeed is to deliver the absolute best in craftsmanship and quality. Investing time into the project to do it right the first time. It might cost a little extra time, but in the long run it delivers higher profits and ecstatic customers. Customers that come back and refer friends and family. That is exactly the kind of business that we are building every day.

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Finished Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped concrete patio denver


Above, this patio was completed about three years ago, this picture was taken after it's (the patio's) third season of being sealed. Denver Concrete Inc. follows up with customers regularly to remind them of regularly scheduled treatments for their past projects. This patio was installed on top of a road base compacted base of 10 tons! Depending on the area, Denver Concrete Inc. will assess the soils for proper base installation before forming and installing the actual patio.

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