Concrete Disposal

Need to get rid of concrete? Denver concrete inc can dispose of unwanted concrete
ABOVE, Denver Concrete Inc was hired to remove and dispose of this concrete. Our crews performed this project as a standalone project. Most concrete contractors do not offer concrete disposal as a standalone service.

Concrete Disposal as a Standalone Service

Denver concrete Inc. offers Denver concrete disposal as a standalone service. Most concrete contractors in Denver offer complete concrete removal or concrete removal with an installation. It makes sense that we get phone calls about concrete disposal. We find that many homeowners have unwanted concrete sitting on their property from an old project.

Concrete is one of the more difficult things to get rid of. It goes without saying that concrete is heavy, there is the fact that it is large and hard to transport. Not only is disposing of concrete difficult but it can be dangerous as well. This is exactly why we find residential customers leaving piles of concrete on their property for sometimes years before getting rid of it. It is a nuisance and most people simply don't know where to begin. Most trash companies will not pick up concrete. Large junk removal companies such as 800GOTJUNK or Junk King charge much higher prices than Denver Concrete Inc.

We work with concrete every day and are accustomed to how difficult it is to work with.

Looking for a price for concrete disposal only?

Oftentimes we will get calls or requests to simply come out and pick up concrete and dispose of it. We are asked so often to pick up concrete we created a service for simply picking up concrete and disposing of it. Simply fill out the removal estimate form on this page and make certain to mark that you are interested in price for disposal only. If you can include images! Sending pictures of your project will help our team estimate just how much concrete you need to have removed. Once you receive your request, our concrete experts will be able to respond almost immediately with a closed ended estimate.

Avoid high cost disposal services

Landfills charge by weight and obviously concrete is extremely heavy. Denver concrete Inc. has an affordable and environmentally friendly way of disposing of concrete. This not only costs you less but also doesn't fill our landfills! Give us a phone call today and find out how much it would cost for us to dispose of your concrete. There is an estimate request form to the right. Please send us pictures for your estimate request! You can attach images of the concrete that needs to be picked up. This will help move the estimate along faster.

We look forward to helping you!.

Concrete Disposal DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

If you have the proper truck and dump trailer, you might decide that you want to handle the job yourself. We have put together a map of all the concrete recycling plants that we are aware of.

If you will be disposing of concrete yourself, you will want to read our post on do-it-yourself concrete disposal in Denver. Here we outline resources and tools that will make the process much easier. It is not a difficult process in fact there is only a couple of steps to the whole project most of the time. However, depending on the load you are transporting, it can be a dangerous endeavor. More often than not we find our average load to the concrete recycling plant weighs around 5,000 - 8,000 pounds!

Obviously, with a job like that, some planning will help create a successful outcome. Click below to learn more about what you need for concrete disposal projects.

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Concrete Removal Services

Looking for concrete removal?

Denver Concrete Inc. offers concrete removal and disposal as standalone services. So, if you have been considering removing that old concrete patio, make sure to give the pros at Denver Concrete Inc a call.

Denver Concrete Inc has affordable pricing and most importantly, our team of concrete demolition experts will leave your project cleaner than when they started.

Concrete Removal Denver

What We Do With Used Concrete

recycled concrete
Here inside the forms for the new patio, concrete from the previous patio that has been torn out can be seen formed as part of the new base. Oftentimes Denver Concrete Inc can re-use torn out concrete to help form a base for the new pour.

We use broken concrete from projects in various ways, one thing that never happens is we never dispose of concrete at a landfill. EVER. We reuse all of the concrete that we tear out of projects. We either use the concrete to help form the new base for whatever we are pouring or we turn the material into a professional recycling plant who turns around and delivers the materials back as "recycled concrete" or road base. Most recycling plants in Denver charge to recycle concrete so if we can re-use the material somewhere this is the preferred way to use the broken concrete.