Concrete Driveway Cost

If you are searching for concrete driveway cost, it is either time for a replacement concrete driveway or a new install. The price is different for both. When it comes to evaluating concrete driveway cost, we will publish both prices below.

The difference in pricing is because of the concrete removal. Concrete demolition and disposal averages $1.75 per sq ft with a new installation. Concrete removal as a stand-alone service has much different pricing, you can view that here.

Average Concrete Driveway Cost Denver

Pricing Updated Apr 28, 2021

Concrete Driveway Replacement Cost

New Concrete Driveway Cost

$14.50 / sq ft $12.50 / sq ft
Concrete Driverway Cost, the driveway pictured is spalling very badly and needs to be replaced

The "concrete driveway cost" above is for a two car driveway, the most common driveway that we install. Those average dimensions 38' x 17' or 650 sq ft., 4" concrete pour at 4,000 psi with rebar installed is standard. We install No. 3 rebar standard on every concrete driveway install. You can read more about the importance of concrete reinforcement in concrete driveways here.

Other Concrete Driveway Costs To Consider

Although our estimates are all inclusive, we have noticed that several competing concrete contractors price their estimates differently. Below are additional concrete driveway cost that other competing contractors might not have listed in their estimate. Denver Concrete Inc gives a very detailed concrete driveway cost estimate that gives an itemized list of services to be performed.

Regrading and Compacted Base

If you are replacing your concrete driveway, it is still recommended that you form a new driveway base for the new concrete driveway. Denver Concrete Inc installs a standard 6" compacted road base driveway for all new concrete driveways. The 4" concrete drive is then installed on top of the newly compacted base.

Reinforcement Bar

concrete reinforcement bars or rebar help keep the concrete from lifting

Rebar or reinforcement bar is steel reinforcement that we install every 2' on center in a grid like fashion. The rebar grid is lifted on 2" chairs in a 4" pour. This places the rebar in the middle of the concrete driveway pad. This reinforcement helps keep the concrete driveway together. In Colorado, we have shifting soils and sub grades that make concrete lifting and heaving a real thing. Rebar counteracts any shifting in the concrete pad. This doesn't make the concrete completely resistant to cracking but it reduces movement.

Installing rebar throughout will not prevent soils from moving; however, it will help your concrete from shifting.

Concrete Driveway Sealing

Denver Concrete Inc installs a permeable sealer on all new concrete driveways. Believe it or not, concrete maintenance is a thing and it is important that you mitigate as much damage as you can. By sealing your concrete you will prolong the life of your concrete driveway and help maintain the look. There is no worse way to be greeted than an ugly driveway. Routine maintenance will keep your concrete driveway looking clean and keep it in great shape.

Water Mitigation

Water and surface run off are probably some of concrete's biggest enemies. Making certain to direct down spouts and drainage properly will help keep your concrete on base. Water will actually create voids underneath your concrete if not directed properly.

Denver Concrete Inc regrades and compacts all new concrete driveway bases. This is part of the service. We do not charge extra for these services.

Concrete Finish

There are several decorative finishes that can be installed with your new concrete driveway. From stamped concrete to an aggregate driveway, we can help you design a driveway concept that will truly complement the look of your home. A well designed driveway can genuinely distinguish a home from all the others in the neighborhood. The two most common finishes for concrete driveways are:

  1. Broom Finish: A broom finish is where a special "finishing" broom is dragged over the concrete surface that is "setting". This leaves a non-slip high traction surface. This is the most common finish among Colorado concrete driveways and is standard in all Denver Concrete Inc concrete driveways.
  2. Stamped Concrete: Stamped concrete is the process of applying an actual stamp to the setting concrete. These stamps can literally take on the shape of anything; however, most commonly used are stamps for flagstone, slate, brick and wood type textures.

There are many other options when it comes to the finish of your concrete driveway. Make certain to talk with your concrete expert about some of the other available finishes. Or check out our concrete finishes page for more information.

At Denver Concrete Inc, concrete driveways are our flagship service. We take huge pride in every concrete driveway that we install. We know that cost is an issue with any construction project so we strive to make the most affordable concrete driveway cost less. After all concrete driveway replacement, installation and maintenance is the backbone of our business. We have built our business on building beautiful driveways, let us build yours today! Call us at (303) 622-3191 for your free driveway estimate or fill out the concrete driveway estimate form on this page. One of our concrete experts will be in touch with you right away. Best 17 Denver Contractors 4 Years In A Row!

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Just according to Yelp, there are over 480 Denver Concrete Companies. According to the Better Business Bureau, there are over 1,120 different concrete contractors in the Denver Metro area. So, when you are looking to replace your concrete driveway or install a new stamped concrete patio, it would seem that with this many concrete companies in Denver it would be simple to find a company to work with. According to the customers that we talk to, we have been told that it is very difficult to find a Denver Concrete Company that will call back, deliver an estimate or actually show up to the project.

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So finding the right concrete contractor can be a little more challenging than what you might expect. There are a couple of different reasons for this. The current market in Denver is scarce with contractors. With the construction boom that we have experienced since 2012, there has been no end in site. So most concrete companies in Denver are literally slammed with work at this time. Denver Concrete Inc has positioned themselves within the community to scale when times are busy and streamline for the slower times.

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