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Do you have a concrete driveway that is beyond repair? You will want to make sure to include Denver Concrete Inc on your list of driveway contractors for your concrete driveway replacement project! Our concrete driveway replacement service will leave you with a beautiful new driveway, but also a driveway that will stand the test of time. Not all concrete driveway contractors approach driveway replacement the same.

Above, There is no concrete repair option available in a scenario like the one above. Here the only option is to tear out and replace this concrete. The cracking in the middle of the driveway stones with grass growing through... A proper compacted base would have helped stop this kind of major cracking.

In Denver concrete driveway replacement is a very common process. With Denver's extreme temperature swings, concrete is put through a rigorous cycle of freezing and thawing. Concrete is a permeable element and so the water constantly freezing and thawing is actually weakening the integrity of your concrete driveway.

When you are replacing your concrete driveway it is important that you follow every aspect of proper concrete driveway installation in Denver. If you create a compacted base for your concrete driveway you will be off to a good start. Reinforcing the base of your concrete driveway with compacted road base is highly recommended. This is offered in Denver Concrete Inc's standard driveway.

Concrete Driveway That Will Stand The Test of Time

Denver Concrete Inc will build a concrete driveway that can stand to the test of time and it will really complement your home. Websites, brochures, business cards all say this kind of thing and the meaning gets lost. We genuinely focus on each project like it were our last. We want to be able to publish pictures of every project we complete with confidence. Confidence that our peers will envy the outcome of our work.

All of our standard concrete driveways include a 12 month warranty. Our standard concrete driveway is a 6" compacted road base, 4" concrete 4,000 psi, broom finish. We cut control joints every 8' on center.

12 Month Warranty on All New Concrete Driveways

Denver Concrete Inc has a 12 month warranty on all standard concrete driveways. Our warranty covers new concrete driveways against major cracking and heaving. The typical rule of thumb on cracking is, if you can stick a dime in it, we will replace it under warranty.

With as much attention as we put into every project we complete, it is rare that we receive warranty calls. However, when we do, warranty calls become our number one priority. It is difficult to advance with business when we still have old business to take care of. Also, if allowed, warranty calls will build up and end up with negative reviews. Warranty calls must be addressed as a priority always.

How much does it cost for driveway replacement?

The cost can vary depending on the different options that you choose to install. For example a 4" concrete pour logically costs less than a 6" pour. Rebar installed every 1' on center for example, this is an upgrade from our standard driveway pricing. We have provided a couple of links to different pages within our website for driveway pricing. However, on average you can expect to see $8.50 per sq ft on for complete tear out and replacement costs.

Smaller concrete driveway projects, those below 1,000 sq ft will increase in price (per sq ft). So for example, a driveway that is 350 sq ft would be $10.00 per sq ft.

The driveway prices quoted here are "out the door". This means the price is complete for a "complete turn key Project". When our crews leave, you can expect that the entire project site will be clean. The site will be delivered back to you in a condition far superior to when we originally began.

Sometimes a Driveway is a good candidate for concrete resurfacing. The concrete driveway is in good condition except for the surface. Read more about Denver Concrete Inc overlay or concrete resurfacing here.

Does Driveway Replacement Improve Property Values?

Most certainly. It is important to note that it is not dollar for dollar, and we could never make any claim like that. However, think about what goes through your head as you are in the market to buy a home. When you are walking up a driveway with weeds growing the cracks that have been neglected to be sealed. What do you think in your head?

Forget about being in the market to purchase a home. Just think about the last time you approached a home that was in the condition described. There were weeds in the front yard, tall 3' weeds. Weeds growing through the cracks in the concrete and the front lawn was just decimated with various weeds and other debris. What do you think when you picture this?

So, while we cannot say that an appraiser would give you a higher appraisal on your home. Without bias, we can say that we feel that real buyers would pay a premium for a home with a new concrete driveway. We are constantly being called for estimates for real estate transactions. In a majority of these cases the buyer has brought up concerns about the concrete foundation, concrete driveway or front walk way or stoop. The buyer is requesting an estimate to find out how much it would cost to repair or replace the issues they have found.

In the end, the buyer wants concessions or discounts off of the sale of the home for these repairs. So does driveway replacement help improve property values? It would definitely seem that way. Best 17 Denver Contractors 4 Years In A Row!

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