Concrete Price Per Yard Denver

If you are looking to get concrete delivered to your project site, than you have more than likely searched "concrete price per yard Denver". We have compiled the average cost of concrete per yard in Denver. You have started at the right place. This price includes the cost of delivery and is the average of several different vendors in the Denver Metro area. The concrete mix used is 4,000 psi, and we haven't included other concrete mixes.

concrete price per yard denver


Average Concrete Price Per Yard Denver

$150/cu yd


Concrete Pricing Varies

The concrete price you will pay per yard of concrete is going to vary on a couple of different factors. First is going to be the type of concrete mix that you order. The lower the psi (Pounds per square inch the compressive strength of concrete) the cheaper the concrete. For most new concrete installations we recommend 4,000 psi. This would be for concrete patios, sidewalks, driveways and pool decks. A stronger mix for more commercial type applications.

The More Your Order, The Cheaper It Gets

In addition to the mix, concrete is priced on the amount of concrete ordered. Many ready mix providers in Denver determine that any load below 7 yards is a short load. Short load fees are charged in addition to the concrete yardage you are ordering. For example, a concrete load of two yards would be $150.00 per yard (this price assuming that you are ordering 7 yards or more). We add the short load fee of $100.00 it takes the total cost of the load up by 33%!


Admixtures and other options will increase the cost of the concrete. For example, calcium chloride additive, fibers, non-chloride accelerators or colored concrete washout are all additions to the total cost of the concrete. So giving an average price like we have is a guideline and should aren't comprehensive. These prices will give you an idea as to what you could expect.

What to expect ordering concrete?

If you are ordering concrete for your own concrete project there are a couple of different important things to know. Variables that will adjust your concrete price per yard Denver. You have already measured your prospective project and have decided on the square footage of the project. If you have gotten this far, you might have set your forms as well. We recommend a 4" pour for most exterior concrete projects (patios, driveways, walkways or sidewalks). Armed with this information you will need to calculate how much concrete you will need for this project.

Although most ready mix providers are ready to help and calculate the square yardage needed, it is best for you to know this. You can figure this out using the link above. This will bring you to and more specifically to the "concrete calculator". This is the same exact calculator that we use in estimating concrete work.

When you call the ready mix provider to get a quote, you will need to know what kind of concrete mix. The standard is 4,000 psi with fly ash. Also, you might be asked what size slump, we typically order 6" - 7" depending on how far away the yard is from the project site. The further the yard is from the site and the hotter the weather, the higher the slump that we order. A higher slump will give you more time to work with the concrete.

There are other considerations to take into account if you will be pouring in colder weather. Our recommendation is do not pour concrete below 50 degrees (low for the day). Then you do not have to concern yourself with admixtures, concrete blankets or after care so much. If it is mission critical that you pour in the cold, contact one of our concrete experts. Our concrete experts will be able to give additional instruction on precautions you should take when pouring concrete in the cold.

Most concrete providers will provide a quote on the spot. After taking your payment information, most ready mix suppliers will not actually charge your card until they have delivered the concrete. They do have some exceptions to delivery, such as weather conditions and so forth. This would be a good time to clarify this with your chosen provider. Best 17 Denver Contractors 4 Years In A Row!

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