Concrete Removal Cost

The cost to demolish and breakup concrete and dispose of it will vary depending on the project of course. There are a lot of factors that go into figuring out concrete removal cost. For example, is there a new installation that is going in its place?

With this in mind, the average price of concrete removal in Denver based off of two different prices. One for concrete removal only. The second for removal and replacement.

concrete removal garage floor denver

Above, Denver Concrete Inc crew tears out a garage floor. There is a huge void under the existing garage floor from shifting soils.

Denver Concrete Inc offers much cheaper pricing for concrete removal when there is an installation following. It is much cheaper to remove concrete when we have a complete crew out to install a new concrete driveway, patio or sidewalk. We offer concrete removal as a stand-alone service, the crew is smaller for this service by itself.

Average Concrete Removal Cost Denver

Concrete removal as a standalone service

$3.50 per square foot

Concrete removal as part of installation

$1.00 per square foot

Of course the prices listed above are guidelines and given in an effort that customers can "guesstimate" their own concrete removal projects. Get your estimate today! Give us a call or fill out the concrete removal estimate form on this page. One of our concrete experts will get with you immediately.

Denver Concrete Inc. offers concrete removal as a standalone service. Many Denver area concrete contractors don't offer concrete removal and disposal as a standalone service. Our pricing depends on a couple of different things, the first is gonna be accessibility.

Project Site Accessibility

concrete removal cost for concrete driveway replacement

If our crews can come in and utilize heavy equipment to remove concrete, it's a much lower price. This compared to if our concrete removal experts have to manually remove the concrete. We only utilize heavy equipment when it is completely safe to do so. The project has to be "just right" for us to utilize any heavy equipment.

If the concrete removal project site isn't easily accessible. There is a significant amount of manual labor involved with projects that are not as easy to access. The price is very different as compared to using heavy equipment. A concrete patio removal for example, with limited access will have a higher cost per square foot for concrete removal.

Concrete Thickness

Of course the thickness of the concrete will also determine the price of the concrete removal. Sometimes the thickness cannot be gauged before removal and a change order is sometimes necessary as the crew digs into the concrete. An example of this would be a concrete patio that we most recently tore out. There was actually three layers of concrete patio, one poured on top of the other. The two patios that were concealed and could not be seen. Although impossible to see when estimating the project, it was brought to the customer's attention immediately when the patios were revealed.

Additionally, the thicker the concrete the heavier the load for disposal. The more concrete there is to recycle, the more our crews get charged. So, it goes without saying that the more concrete there is, the more expensive it does become.

Square Footage of Concrete Removed

Denver Concrete Inc. offers affordable concrete removal cost from small projects all the way up to very large commercial projects. Square footage of the concrete removed definitely determines the "per square foot" pricing. As the project gets larger, the price per square foot decreases. Our company has a project minimum of $2500 for all installation projects, for concrete removal projects our minimum is $1250.

Distance from Recycling Center

Lastly, the distance from the recycling center will definitely make a difference in how much the concrete removal project will cost. The further the distance from the recycling center, the higher the cost. All of this figured into the final estimate prepared by your concrete expert.

If recycling isn't an option for disposal, a landfill is selected and the concrete disposed of there. A problem with landfills is that they are about 10 times more expensive than recycling concrete. We strive from the beginning to avoid high costs like this so that we can pass the savings back to our customer. In addition, it's not as environmentally friendly to dispose of concrete in landfills. Best 17 Denver Contractors 4 Years In A Row!

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