Oftentimes when we hear from customers about getting an estimate, they would like to know if their concrete driveway, sidewalk or patio can simply be repaired. The answer is always dependent on the condition of the current concrete. Even with a spalled surface, some concrete can be re-used for a new surface or overlay pour. So there are always a lot of options when it comes to repairing your concrete.

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Broken, chipped and unlevel concrete is not unsightly but it can be dangerous as well. As a matter of fact, given the right conditions concrete can be just downright dangerous if repairs are neglected, especially when it comes to city sidewalk. Denver Concrete Inc offers a comprehensive line of concrete repair services including concrete lifting, patch repair, concrete grinding, concrete sealing, caulking and much more.

Make certain to read our blog post “Is my concrete finished?” to find out whether or not your concrete is a candidate for repair instead of being replaced. Your concrete expert at Denver Concrete Inc will be able to review your project in person and point out any issues with repairing existing concrete. 

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Repairing Trip Hazards

Denver County

Denver Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair Program

Denver is dedicated to maintaining pedestrian travel by repairing and maintaining deterioratinig sidewalk citywide. As per ordinance, if you own property in Denver County, then you are responsible for repairs or replacement if needed.

Denver's Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair Program

The Denver Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair program does have an "affordability program" wherein the City and County of Denver will offer to residents and property owners that qualify for an extended repayment program which will allow property owners to repay the city by making 3 annual payments for work that has been completed. If applicable a discount might apply for some residents based on federally set income guidelines. Make certain to check and see if your family is eligible.

Is it time to fix your concrete?

Concrete Repair Estimate

Get your free concrete repair estimate now. Our form makes it easier than ever, simply fill out the form below and one of our concrete experts will follow up with you immediately! Remember... pictures are worth 1,000 words... or something like that.

concrete steps repair
This concrete stoop/steps is badly damaged and the best way to repair the steps is to replace them at this point. In the picture above,the stoop is in decent condition and can be salvaged. Replacing just the steps will take care of this issue.

If it is time to repair your concrete, simply fill out the form below and one of our staff will respond immediately to set up a convenient time for one of our concrete experts to come out and look at your concrete repair project. We look forward to helping you make your concrete function and look the way it should!

Concrete Maintenance

As it is with anything, maintaining your concrete on a consistent and regular basis is cheaper than addressing years of deferred maintenance. Make certain to check out our concrete maintenance for "do it yourself" maintenance items you can do yourself to prolong the life of your concrete. Also make certain to check out our 10 Things You Should Do Every Year With Your Concrete for additional ideas and tips as to how to care of your new concrete.

Concrete Repair Services

When it comes down to actually repairing concrete, there are a couple of things that can be done to repair or fix unsightly concrete. Below is a list of typical concrete repair services that Denver Concrete Inc offers

  • Concrete Grinding
  • Concrete Leveling
  • Concrete Caulking
  • Concrete Sealers
  • Concrete Overlays
  • Concrete Micro-toppings
  • Epoxy Surfacing
  • Acid Staining

These are just a few concrete repair services that Denver Concrete Inc. offers. We do update this list from time to time; however, if you do not see a repair service listed here, please call us or fill out the concrete repair estimate form and one of our staff will be able to help you with your specific question.

Concrete Repair Services

  • Epoxy Surface

    Epoxy Surface

  • Micro-toppings


  • Acid Staining

    Acid Staining

  • Concrete Overlays

    Concrete Overlays

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