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There are a lot of different options available for concrete repair. Whether you want to approach the repair yourself or hire concrete repair contractors Denver, we hope to provide good information. If you have questions about the different repairs, please call a concrete expert at (303) 622-3191. Or fill out the concrete repair estimate form on this page. Our concrete experts stand ready to assist!

If you have a spalling surface that is eroding, our experts might be able to provide options other than complete replacement. Concrete repair depends on the condition of the existing concrete.

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ABOVE, the entry into the garage is spalling very badly. The underlying concrete is in good shape. This driveway section or complete driveway is a good candidate for concrete resurfacing.

Safety First

It is important that we always consider safety first when making a recommendation. Our commitment to safety surpasses any effort to obtain new business. So with that being said, our concrete experts are trained to recommend the proper repair for the condition of the concrete.

Our concrete experts will recommend a repair or replacement based on which is going to be the safest path to the repair. Tip hazards such as concrete cracks and heaving cracks are the biggest issue in this regard.

Concrete Crack Repair

When it comes to crack repair there are many different options, but Denver Concrete Inc has a different approach to traditional crack chasing. Our cross stitch repair actually treats the crack and structurally repairs the concrete again.

Some crack repair is best treated with traditional methods which Denver Concrete Inc also performs. If you have severely cracking concrete, make sure to give the concrete experts at Denver Concrete Inc a call for your free estimate today!

Concrete Spalling Surface Erosion

Concrete spalling is when the top surface or the "finished" surface of the concrete starts to chip. This can be caused for several different reasons, regardless, in most cases it can be resurfaced instead of torn out and replaced. If performed properly a concrete overlay can be better looking and more reliable than the original surface.

Concrete resurfacing requires good concrete underneath the spalling concrete. This means that it cannot be significantly cracked or eroding.

concretesurface eroding and chipping

ABOVE, this garage floor is about 60 years old, it has fallen and is spalling. The only option for this garage floor is complete replacement.

Concrete Sealing

Many concrete repair contractors Denver only offer tear out and replace services. Rather than just re actively fixing concrete, Denver Concrete Inc offers concrete sealing and rejuvenation services.

Routinely sealing your concrete helps protect the concrete from magnesium chloride, dirt and grime, oil and most importantly water. Water is the number one enemy for concrete. With either a permeable sealer or topical sealant, Denver Concrete Inc can help you protect your concrete.

By continually maintaining your concrete, you will prolong the life of your concrete driveway or patio for years. We also assist customers in learning how to seal their own concrete. Just ask!

Concrete Grinding

Trip hazards are not only dangerous, they can be costly. In the State of Colorado, property owners are responsible for trip hazards on their property. Similar to snow removal being the responsibility of the property.

Grinding concrete trip hazards is the most common way to deal with trip hazards from heaving concrete. The other more common way of dealing with tripping hazards in concrete is to tear out and replace the concrete. If the heaving concrete has more than a 2" gap we always recommend replacement versus concrete grinding.

complete replacement garage floor or carport floor in boulder

ABOVE, the previous car port floor was cracked so badly that it needed complete replacement.

Concrete Rejuvenation

Is your concrete driveway or stamped concrete patio looking old and tired? Full of stains from leaking vehicles, piled up landscape debris and alike. This naturally happens to concrete over time. It can be difficult to keep your concrete free and clear of debris all the time. Especially a driveway which was meant to be parked on. Our pressure washing services are certain to bring back the life and look of your concrete driveway.

Denver Concrete Inc has a concrete rejuvenation program for concrete that qualifies for the treatment. Our concrete rejuvenation services are based on the project and you can find out more information on those services here. Basically the pricing for concrete rejuvenation is going to depend on the condition of the concrete and how much work needs to be done. Some project require a simple power wash while other require a deep cleaning service.

Whatever the issue with your concrete, we can help. Give Denver Concrete Inc a phone call today or fill out the concrete repair estimate form on this page! Best 17 Denver Contractors 4 Years In A Row!

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Concrete Crack Repair That Works!

One of the worst parts about concrete repair, at least in the past, was just how temporary the fix was. A concrete patch or crack repair might last a year or two if you are fortunate and then it is time to readdress the repair all over again. Denver Concrete Inc is always focused on finding as permanent of a solution as possible. Of course we are interested in repeat business, but only for new projects.

Denver Concrete is proud of our new concrete crack repair system which actually helps concrete from cracking again in the same area. A revolutionary new system that is so solid, it now allows us to address resurfacing cracking concrete driveways.

Cross Grid Stitch concrete repair Denver, concrete crack repair denver

The stitch pattern concrete repair actually alleviates pressure on the crack. This takes care of the cracking.

Read More About This Revolutionary New Concrete Crack Repair System Here