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Concrete grinding is used for several different applications with concrete. Concrete grinding can be used to create a concrete polished floor or it can be used to remove a trip hazard. Of course the cost for different concrete branding services depends on the amount of time needed to complete the project as well as the manpower needed.

Denver Concrete Inc. offers a full line of concrete grinding services, from tripping hazards to beautifully finished commercial polished concrete floors, our team of concrete experts has a solution.

Denver Concrete Grinding Services

Floor Grinding

A Concrete floor over time can start to heave, crack and become an even surface. Sidewalks, walkways and concrete patios can all suffer from the same type of “trip hazard” over time. Concrete grinding can bring the surface back to “level” or at least remove the trip hazard. Concrete grinding can be done with a handheld grinder or a walk behind grinder. In either case a diamond blade is used to grind the concrete. Grinding the concrete will expose the aggregate underneath, leaving a smooth surface.

Concrete floor grinding is a cost effective way to restore the surface of the concrete without having to tear out the concrete and replace it.

Polished Concrete Floors

There is nothing more beautiful than a polished concrete floor! Most polished concrete floors are created by grinding the floor down to aggregate and then sealing; however a new concrete floor can be polished without grinding. Not only does the final finished product look beautiful, but the sealant actually protects the floor at the same time creating a more durable flooring system than almost any other.
There is a significant number of steps that are involved in completing a commercial polished concrete floor, learn more about polished concrete floors and the process on our polished concrete flooring page.

Trip Hazard Removal

It goes without saying that a trip hazard in a public walkway, sidewalk or other area is not only a danger to pedestrians and passersby, but it is also unsightly and poses a real risk to anyone traveling through the area. The liability alone is worth addressing trip hazards immediately.
A convenient and inexpensive way to address trip hazards is by grinding the hazard down to the level of the rest of the concrete. Concrete grinding is not always a viable solutions for trip hazards and sometimes the best solution is to tear out and replace the area where the hazard exists. The majority of the time concrete grinding is a decent and cost effective solution to removing trip hazards from concrete sidewalks and other high-traffic areas.

Concrete grinding has many different applications in the concrete industry and provides a cost effective solution. Denver Concrete Inc has a comprehensive line of concrete grinding services available. If you are considering a concrete grinding project, make certain to include the team at Denver Concrete Inc in your list of competing contractors! Best 17 Denver Contractors 4 Years In A Row!

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