Concrete Resurfacing

If your concrete is showing several cracks or is spalling, it is a good time to resurfacing. Many customers that call us for complete replacement did not know that their concrete has a "second life" in many cases. Concrete that has "fracture cracking" and "surface issues" are good candidates for concrete resurfacing or a concrete overlay.

What is concrete resurfacing?

If you have existing concrete that is spalling or has cracking that has stopped, your concrete might be a good candidate. There are many different approaches to concrete resurfacing. At Denver Concrete Inc, this service is process of preparing the existing concrete and then pouring an overlay. This "overlay" installs over the existing concrete and then it is finished however desired.

concrete driveway resurfacing

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When To Use A Concrete Overlay

If you are considering replacing your existing concrete, you might consider this as an option. It really depends on whether you are looking to prolong concrete replacement or if you want to get it over with. Point is, this overlay can sometimes last 10 to 15 years. However, if you need to replace your concrete now, you are still going to need to replace the concrete eventually.

This does not repair concrete. It is a cosmetic application only. Active cracking in the existing concrete will more than likely show in the overlay surface as well.

Concrete Overlay Process

Denver Concrete Inc process for resurfacing does depend on the project. However the basic process includes cleaning and power washing the existing concrete. Grinding might be required. It depends on the condition of the existing concrete.

After preparing the existing concrete surface, epoxy for adhesion with the overlay layer that comes next. The epoxy is rolled on to the surface.

Next, the overlay is metered onto the surface. This is completed with a squeegee or trowel. Our crews typically use a trowel to install the overlay. They have much better control of the material this way.

Once finished installing the overlay, the crew will begin "finishing" the new overlay surface. Depending on the application, whether it is an interior project or exterior, the finish will be a smooth trowel or broom finish. This overlay material is cement, but it is a polymer based product and the set time is quite different than actual concrete.

Cost To Resurface Concrete in Denver

The cost to resurface concrete does depend on a couple of different factors. Of course square footage of the project makes a huge difference as well as the preparation of the surface for the new overlay.

Average Cost to Resurface Concrete In Denver

$2.50 - $3.50 sq ft

The above pricing assumes a project over 1,000 sq ft and almost no preparation work. So this would basically be an overlay or resurfacing service for new concrete.

With preparation (this typically adds another $1.50 / sq ft). You can expect to pay much closer to $4.00/sq ft for a complete resurface of your concrete driveway for example. This is obviously much more affordable than an average price of $8.00/sq ft for tear out and replacement of the existing driveway.

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Concrete Resurfacing... a cheaper alternative to replacement

Concrete Overlay

The Missing Option

Whenever we head to an estimate, we often talk with customers about the other estimates they have received. It is commonplace that our customers receive one estimate from a contractor for replacement and that is it. As a matter of fact most other contractors never mentioned any other concrete services that they offer.

Our goal at Denver Concrete Inc is to educate our customers as to the available options and give them the information so that they can make an educated decision as to the best possible solution

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