Cost of New Concrete Driveway

cost of new concrete driveway

A new concrete driveway is a much different process than a replacement driveway. First of all, there is no removal to deal with. So the cost of new concrete driveway is going to be about 10% less right from the start!

There are a couple of other variables when considering a new concrete driveway. The pricing below is for our standard concrete driveway.

Average Cost of New Concrete Driveway

$7.00 / sq ft

What Other Sites Say About The Average Cost of a new concrete driveway in Denver.

We felt that it would not be fair to just include the average cost from our perspective. We have included the 5 top results below for the average cost of a new driveway in Denver. Here is what we found:

  1. Home Advisor: $2,305 - $6,210
  2. Concrete Network: $8 - $12 per sq ft
  3. $3,040 (38' x 16' 2 car driveway avg)
  4. $6.70 - $12.70
  5. $3,500 - $15,000

These numbers above are really worthless and don't pin down a number with the exception of These ranges don't really give customers an idea of what to expect in our opinion. The number is super low and would be much closer to a $5,000 driveway.

Thumbtack goes onto publish a quote from a local concrete contractor Complete Concrete who quoted a 500 sq ft driveway at $3,000.00. As you can see there is quite a range. It really pays to do your research and make certain that you are comparing "like" estimates.

We published our numbers in an effort to really deliver something real that potential customers could use in "guesstimating" their own project.

Standard New Concrete Driveway Construction

Denver Concrete Inc standard concrete driveway includes excavation and installation of driveway base. Driveway base is 6" compacted road base. In addition to newly constructed base, our driveway team will install forms for a consistent 4" pour throughout the driveway. Our crews will also install reinforcement standard on all Denver Concrete Inc driveways.

Of course there are many options available in the concrete industry today, so the pricing above is for standard concrete. Any additions to the driveway of course increase the cost relatively. For other options decorative or structural, make certain to discuss what is available with your concrete expert. From heated driveways to a decorative masterpiece, our team literally has experience with everything that is driveway.

Prep Makes All The Difference

drive compaction is key to avoiding movement in the soil beneath your concrete driveway

As described above, all Denver Concrete Inc driveways are excavated for a new driveway base. The new driveway base is 6" of compacted road base. This compacted base for the new driveway will minimize movement directly underneath the newly poured concrete driveway.

The biggest reason for concrete cracking is movement underneath the driveway. Our compacted driveway base minimizes this issue. This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any new driveway install. Regardless of your choice to work with our team, make certain to read about proper sub grade preparation before choosing a contractor. You will want to inspect your new driveway before pouring, the base makes all the difference.

Concrete Driveway Reinforcement

concrete reinforcement is important, pictured here is rebar set every 2' on center

In Denver moving soils is very common. The first line of defense against moving soils is to prepare the base for the new driveway as described about. Secondly, reinforcing the concrete for movement is highly recommended.

Denver Concrete Inc installs No 3 reinforcement bar in all new concrete driveways. Reinforcement is installed every 2' on center. This is offered standard on all new concrete driveways. A 12 month warranty that protects against major heaving and cracking is also included in all new concrete driveways installed by Denver Concrete Inc.

Salt Guard

A major difference between Denver Concrete Inc and other Denver area concrete contractors is going to be our commitment to ongoing maintenance and support. Our customers know that they will continue to receive support from our team for future repairs and maintenance.

On all new concrete driveways, Denver Concrete Inc applies a salt guard permeable sealer. This protects against moisture as well as magnesium chloride and other deicing agents.

Since most of our business comes from referrals it is important that we do everything that we can to help protect our customer's investment. We want that driveway looking good for years to come!

Controlled Cracking

Denver Concrete Inc offers control joint cuts or relief cuts (cut after the concrete is cured) for all concrete driveways. Control joints are included standard on all new concrete driveways.

Concrete is going to crack, just a fact of life. We can do everything in our power to control that cracking. By releasing the surface with cuts we can hide those cracks in the weakest part of the pad (that is where we cut). By directing this cracks we can prevent or help prevent fracture cracking in the surface of the new concrete driveway.

12 Month Warranty

A one-year warranty is standard on all new concrete driveway installations. The warranty covers against major cracking and heaving. Basically if you can stick a dime in it, we are going to replace it. This is not a common occurrence, but when we do have warranty calls, they take priority over everything else.

Our entire team genuinely takes great pride in every project that we take on. We want for neighbors and family to continually ask, "Who did your driveway it is fantastic!" Our desire is to be "known" as Denver's Driveway contractor and there is only one way to accomplish that. We MUST complete a perfect driveway each and every time. Let us install the perfect driveway for your today! Best 17 Denver Contractors 4 Years In A Row!

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How Do You Know It Is Time To Replace Your Driveway?

We believe the best thing to do is to get an assessment and recommendation from one of our in-house concrete experts. However, let's say you wanted to skip that and just get a quick idea as to whether or not the current driveway needs to be replaced. Candidly, if there are no tripping hazards and the concrete just has some fracture cracking throughout, it does not need to be replaced.

If your concrete driveway presents a tripping hazard as seen below for example, it would be time to replace the driveway. Matter of fact, the driveway pictured below should have never been allowed to get into this poor condition. Tripping hazards like this open any property owner to more liability than anyone would like to have.

how to know when it is time to replace your concrete driveway
Click on the image for a larger version.

If your driveway has major cracking and heaving it is more than likely time to replace the driveway. If cracking is wider than the thickness of a dime and it is creating a "spider web" look in the drive, it is definitely time to consider replacement.

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Denver Concrete Disposal

Just Looking to Get Rid Of It?

Concrete Disposal Can Be Harder To Get Rid Of Than You Might Think

Concrete Disposal
Denver Concrete Inc can help you get rid of your concrete in a way that is affordable and safe for the environment.

Getting rid of concrete can prove to be more difficult than regular construction debris because it is heavy and most places (landfills) willing to accept concrete charge an arm and a leg for disposal. If it is not an expensive landfill than it is an expensive junk removal service. Denver Concrete Inc offers an affordable way to dispose of unwanted concrete.

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Stamped & Decorative

Have you been considering a new or replacement concrete patio? Denver Concrete Inc has a dedicated crew just for colored and stamped concrete projects. It is important when working on a decorative or stamped concrete project that you are working with a crew that not only has references, but has the experience necessary to correctly install the pattern and color for your new concrete patio.

We have several references and examples of projects that we have completed.

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