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Denver Concrete Inc in the middle of tearing out a concrete driveway in Boulder, Co. Denver Concrete Inc flagship service is concrete driveway repair, installation and replacement.

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Just searching Google for "Denver Concrete" and you will get over 43,000,000 results! Obviously there is not that many contractors in Denver that do concrete, but that is a lot of choices. So, why could Denver Concrete Inc ever hope to compete?

The fact is that Denver Concrete Inc is different because we understand that while quality, craftsmanship and communication are key. Service though, service is paramount for customer satisfaction. We know that we have to execute on all fronts in order to ever hope to earn your business. Most of our competitors are focused on competing on price. Once we have given an estimate in writing it is the final unless there is a change in the scope of the project.

The driveway from above after completion. Denver Concrete Inc installed a new curb alongside the driveway with lighting. We assisted the customer in designing the new driveway to complement the home's features and landscape.


If you are looking to negotiate pricing, other concrete companies and contractors might have more of a negotiation process. From the beginning we are looking to put together the most affordable and competitive estimate. This means that we do not price with fluff in our concrete estimates. We do not have room to negotiate on our projects. Our estimates are firm.

The benefit to this is that our customers can depend on our estimates to be accurate. Sure, like any other humans we can make mistakes on our estimates. However, we really strive to take everything into account from the beginning of the project.

Closed Ended Estimates

From the beginning of our company we committed to providing closed ended estimates. This is because it is not fair to the customer to low bid or low quote. This is only done in an effort to get the project and then readjust pricing mid-project. This seems unfair and it seem like trickery. This process might get the contractor business initially, but surprising their customer with a higher invoice than what was expected is wrong. Our company will never practice this, and we always communicate with our customers to avoid nasty surprises.

Denver Concrete Driveways

Our most common service is concrete driveway replacement, install or concrete driveway resurfacing. If it has to do with residential concrete driveways, we have more than likely seen it.

When we started, we started as a driveway contractor. Meaning we were only going to focus on concrete driveway repair, replacement and installation. Of course, that is impossible to only do driveways we found out later. Our customers were so pleased with our work that they requested sidewalk, patios and basement floors.

We put a lot of attention into our driveways. Nothing could be worse than hiring a concrete contractor to replace your driveway with failing concrete. Or worse yet, everything looks great for about a year and the driveway starts cracking. That is when you find out what your contractor is really made of. How will they handle warranty calls?

Our team of concrete experts take the time to really complete the project right the first time. Warranty calls are priority number one. This is reflected in our reviews.

Concrete Replacement Done Right

Our customers that have worked with other concrete contractors explain to us that their experience with our team was different. Our focus on communicating with our customers is the difference.

Through all stages of your project, you can rely on solid and constant communication from your concrete expert. Especially during the project. Our commitment to doing the project right the first time takes a little more time, but in the end delivers customer satisfaction.

Sealing & Maintenance

More than just concrete contractors, we partner with our customers to become their "go-to" when it comes to concrete. We want to earn your business for life. This is exactly why we offers concrete sealing and maintenance services. Taking care of your concrete will not only prolong the life of your concrete patio or driveway. It will also keep it looking good!

From concrete rejuvenation for deferred maintenance on concrete to regular power washing and sealing, we have you covered.

Concrete Cleaning

Clean concrete is much more than just clean concrete. Most customers do not realize the importance of concrete maintenance until it is too late. Our pressure washing and concrete cleaning services help keep your concrete looking good and maintained. Your concrete expert can discuss different concrete cleaning services and options available to you.

Regardless of the project, our experts want to help. Make sure to contact your concrete expert today at (3030) 622-3191 or fill out our concrete estimate request online!

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