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Many different types of concrete repair Denver scenarios and many more concrete repair services. Denver Concrete Inc offers a comprehensive line of concrete repair services. More importantly Denver Concrete offers the experience and advice to properly repair your concrete.

Concrete Repair Denver Services

Whether your concrete is cracking or it is heaving and creating major tripping hazards, we can fix it! Below are some of the concrete repair services that we offer:

concrete repair denver

concrete grinding. One of the more popular concrete repair services used in commercial and residential concrete.

CONCRETE SEALING: In the case of stamped or decorative concrete, concrete sealing will bring the life of the stamped surface back. This is an aesthetic repair. Denver Concrete Inc has brought the beauty back to hundreds of stamped concrete patios. Read more about concrete sealing here.

CONCRETE REPLACEMENT: A complete replacement of a concrete patio or concrete driveway isn't necessary. In some cases, a section of the concrete driveway needs replacing. Denver Concrete Inc can help you with smaller projects like this.

CONCRETE RESURFACING: If the existing concrete is in good shape but needs to be brought back to life. Denver Concrete Inc are the experts to help! We offer a complete line of concrete overlay services from traditional finishes to stamped and decorative concrete overlays. Read more about our concrete resurfacing services here.

CONCRETE REJUVENATION: We have a complete concrete rejuvenation process that will bring your concrete driveway, walk way or patio to life. Not all concrete is a good candidate for the process, it is important that one of our concrete experts inspect the project in person.

This is some of the concrete services offered by Denver Concrete Inc. For a complete listing of our concrete services.

Concrete Crack Repair

If your concrete driveway or sidewalk has several cracks throughout, Denver Concrete Inc does offer crack chasing services. This process routs and seals all concrete cracks. This type of concrete repair is for cracks that are more dormant. The crack repair isn't structural or doesn't involve the restoration of tensile strength. This means that the concrete crack repair doesn't restore the original integrity of the concrete. These repairs only help prevent further damage and accelerated cracking elsewhere throughout the concrete.

One common mistake made in sealing concrete cracks is to use concrete patch or some other type of cement material. While this type of product might look good initially, it will undoubtedly "shrink". This means it will crack over time giving you the same issue to fix again. A more durable fix is to use a sealant that is applied to the "groove" created by "routing" or chasing the crack.

Concrete Surface Repair

Concrete resurfacing or concrete overlay services can bring back the life of a concrete patio or concrete driveway. If your concrete is "good", meaning that the integrity of the concrete in question is still solid. Than you might be a good candidate for concrete resurfacing or overlay. You can read more about our concrete resurfacing here.

The huge advantage to resurfacing over replacement is that it is about half the cost of total replacement! So many customers that are looking for a more affordable alternative to replacement often choose concrete resurfacing as an option.

Concrete Lifting

We do not recommend concrete lifting and feel that it is a waste of time (in the link posted here, LiftRight Concrete discusses why concrete lifting is better than new concrete slab). That is a pretty bold statement, but we simply cannot sell a service just to do it. It is something that we must believe in. Concrete lifting has proven to be just as expensive (almost) as tearing out and replacing the concrete in question.

We have run estimate after estimate and compared replacement concrete to concrete lifting estimates. We have found that new concrete is marginally more expensive (in most cases 20% more for brand new concrete). Read more about concrete lifting compared to replacement here.

Why install new concrete versus lifting old concrete?

Lifting concrete is blindly fixing the issue that is beneath your concrete. The area you are lifting has dropped because of a failing base or lack thereof below the concrete surface. In order to appropriately address the issue, the concrete needs removal, the base needs to be rebuilt in order to properly address the issue.

Simply lifting the concrete back into place will place additional pressure on the concrete slab that is being lifted. It will often times create additional cracking in the surface.

This is not a comprehensive guide to all of the concrete repair Denver services offered by Denver Concrete Inc. These are some of the more major concrete repair services. Your concrete expert is educated and have experience with a literally hundreds of different ways to approach a project. It is important to complete an in-person consultation so that all variables are considered.

There are some cases where the concrete is in such bad shape that repairing it is worthless and would serve no purpose. In those cases Denver Concrete Inc will give customers a complete DIY yourself approach if complete replacement is not in the budget. Our goal is to help you develop a solution that will work.

It is important to note that there is some concrete that must be replaced for safety reasons and there is no other option. Your Denver Concrete Inc concrete expert will advise you without bias as to the best concrete repair for your particular situation. Best 17 Denver Contractors 4 Years In A Row!

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