Denver Sidewalk Replacement

Over time, like anything else, even concrete has its time. Eventually your concrete sidewalk will need to replacement. Especially in Denver's extreme temperature swings, concrete sidewalks, driveways and patios all weather. The surface starts to erode and eventually your sidewalk becomes a crumbled mess of concrete. Becoming a tripping hazard and ugly mess. "Denver Sidewalk Replacement" in concrete world, there are two types of sidewalk. There are walkways, personal sidewalks throughout your property. Then there are "city sidewalks". Denver Concrete Inc installs both, however there are different requirements for city sidewalk projects.

Denver sidewalk replacement

The Denver City Neighborhood sidewalk repair program started inspections in 2018.

Denver Sidewalk Repair and Replacement Program

The city and county of Denver has introduced the Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair program in 2018. You can see the region map below. Those neighborhoods included City Park, Congress Park, Cherry Creek, Country Club, Cheeseman Park, Speer, Capitol Hill and North Capitol Hill.

The city has been communicating with property owners where the city sidewalk either needs to replacement or repair. In the way of repairs, there is not much that the city will allow except for grinding uneven stones. Other than grinding most Denver City ROW Inspectors will require complete replacement of the sidewalk.

The current repair area or area being inspected can be seen on the city and county's website. You can click here to see what area is being worked on currently. If you have received a notice, you will be given the option of completing the repair yourself. You can also allow the city to come in and make the repairs as well. If you allow the city to complete the repairs you agree to pay the invoice sent to you by the City of Denver.

Denver sidewalk replacement and repair program, Region #1

This area is Region #1 of the CIty and County of Denver's Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair and Replacement Program.

Have you been notified by the city?

If you have received notice from a city ROW inspector that your sidewalk needs to be repaired, you have 45 days to take action. City inspectors are typically inclined to work with you if you contact them and work with them on the issue. This means if you have taken action, they will tend to work with you on the 45 day deadline.

Affordability Program

The Denver sidewalk repair program does offer an affordability program for property owners that do need to replace or repair Denver city sidewalk. This program has two options to help residents and property owners pay for the repairs. First is the affordability discount which gives the property owner a discount on the cost of the concrete repair or replacement. This discount is available to property owners that meet the set area median income guidelines. You can visit the affordability program page here for more information on income guidelines for this program.

The second option for the affordability program is the extended repayment assistance program. This allows for property owners that qualify to pay back the cost of the repair or sidewalk replacement over 3 years. This with a very nominal interest rate fee of 1%. You can apply for assistance for either of these programs here. Best 17 Denver Contractors 4 Years In A Row!

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