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By now if you are like the average property owner, you have done everything that you could to make your concrete last. You have performed every kind of repair and now it is time to replace it. The concrete that is. Eventually concrete has "its" day and it is time to tear it out and start again. Driveway replacement costs vary on several factors we delve into the different costs you can expect below.

Your driveway is going to be the first piece of concrete that you replace regardless of whether it is a residential or commercial property. Concrete driveways are functional and their function is to hold a significant amount of weight. Over the course of 30 years any concrete driveway will begin to fail. With the day in use of the driveway it will more than likely be the first to start failing.

Average Driveway Replacement Cost

$8.00 / sq ft

driveway replacement cost

Our average driveway project for a two car concrete driveway is around $8.00 per sq ft. We have noticed in reviewing competitor estimates that this is right in line with most concrete estimates in Denver. This would include 4,000 psi concrete mix, rebar No 3 set every 2' on center. This along with a newly installed and compacted base for the driveway. In addition to the previous, control joints cut into the new driveway surface every 8' x 8'. The control joints are cut during installation or after using relief cuts.

The average driveway replacement cost uses an average of the last 12 months projects. All projects included two car driveway projects completed by Denver Concrete Inc.

Factors for Estimating Replacement Costs

When pricing your concrete driveway, you will want to make certain and address any issues that you are having with your current concrete driveway. Just going in and replacing the concrete driveway as is means you can expect to see the same issues with the new driveway. Taking time to correctly install a new base and reinforce your new driveway insures a long life for your new drive. More than likely your existing concrete driveway has issues that need correction with the new install.

Driveway Base

If your current concrete driveway is heaving, lifting or cracking severely, that is more than likely from a poorly formed base underneath. We see this frequently. Denver Concrete Inc recommends a 6" compacted base for all new and replacement concrete driveway projects. Our crews will excavate if necessary to make certain we get this installed correctly.

Any concrete contractor that you invite to complete an estimate for your concrete driveway should price for installing a new base for your driveway. This is something that we see get missed way too often.

Concrete Reinforcement

Regardless of what any contractor might recommend, concrete is a science. Installing reinforcement takes considerably more time and effort. It would seem that many concrete crews want to debate the advantages of pouring concrete without reinforcement. We recommend installing rebar on every concrete driveway, especially in Denver Colorado where we have shifting and moving soils.

In the State of Colorado we recommend for concrete driveways that you pour at least a 4" concrete pad. You will also want reinforcement every 2' on center with No 3 or No 4 rebar. Good Read on Concrete Reinforcement "Don't let your contractor skip steel reinforcement in concrete driveway or patio". Reinforcement is not something to skip on. Fiber mesh is another inexpensive way to reinforce your driveway and can be used in conjunction with traditional rebar. (Read more about swelling soils in the State of Colorado here)

Driveway Finish

One of the last considerations for the cost of your concrete driveway, the finish of the surface. Many contractors just select the finish of the project without the consulting the customer. Today's market is different, more customers are involved with the finish of their concrete driveway, patio or walkway.

Your driveway finish can be altered through the final finish with the trowel as well as adding other design elements to the concrete driveway. Here we go over the basic driveway finishes that are most commonly used in our experience. Although there are definitely a great deal more concrete driveway finishes than what we cover here.

driveway replacement cost denver

Broom Finish

Definitely the most common finish for concrete driveways throughout the Denver and Boulder Metro areas. The "broom finish", a "trowel finish" first and then a "finishing broom" is broomed over the surface of the concrete as it sets. This creates a "grittier" finish and creates excellent traction for vehicles and pedestrians alike.

Stamped Finish

Once the concrete driveway is poured, floated and hand troweled a stamp application to the surface is tamped down. Tamping these rubber mold stamps into the surface leaves a print and in most cases these prints are replicates of other popular "hardscapes". For example many stamps leave the same texture as brick, wood, slate and cobblestone. You can see a selection of different concrete stamp patterns here.

Stamped concrete can have integral colors different from traditional concrete. There is a wide range of colors to choose from for stamped or decorative finishes.

Exposed Aggregate Finish

Exposing the aggregate as the surface of the concrete can reveal a beautiful finish! Unlike traditional concrete driveways, specially chosen aggregates for this kind of finish can make the driveway really unique. This upscale look can be decorative stones, colored glass, granite and even sea shells.

Once the concrete driveway is poured a chemical is applied to the finished surface that retards the curing of the concrete. The following day the concrete surface is washed and the top layer is removed from the concrete revealing the exposed aggregate finish. This creates a safe non-slip surface and a beautiful finish all at the same time.

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The average concrete driveway cost includes a 12 month warranty against major cracking and heaving or lifting. For a copy of our contract, please request a sample version from one of our concrete experts today at (303) 622-3191. Or fill out our contact form and request a sample contract.

Of course the pricing for a concrete driveway is best completed in person with a concrete consultant. If you are pricing concrete driveway replacement and completing the project yourself make sure to consult our do-it-yourself guide. We have listed all of the concrete resources in Denver that you will need to successfully complete the project yourself. Best 17 Denver Contractors 4 Years In A Row!

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Whenever we head to an estimate, we often talk with customers about the other estimates they have received. It is commonplace that our customers receive one estimate from a contractor for replacement and that is it. As a matter of fact most other contractors never mentioned any other concrete services that they offer.

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