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When it is time, it is time. Driveway replacement Denver, a very common search term in Denver Metro Area. Because of the more extreme winters in Denver and volatile swings in temperature, concrete driveways need replacement every 20 - 30 years.

Replacing your concrete driveway is easier with Denver Concrete Inc. driveway replacement. If you are considering replacing your current concrete driveway, make certain to include Denver Concrete Inc in the contractors you interview process!

driveway replacement denver
ABOVE, a Denver concrete driveway that is heaving (tree roots pushing the concrete upward at the foot of the driveway). The is major cracking through the driveway because of the lack of control joints.

After meeting with our concrete expert, they will deliver their project notes. These are a critical part of our process at Denver Concrete. These project notes contain all of the details of your project, including measurements, photos and "scope of work". Many of our customers have used these notes during their other contractor interviews. We have had customers email our project notes to other contractors in order to get an estimate.

Our goal is to help you, regardless of whether or not you select Denver Concrete Inc to install your new concrete driveway. Although it may not end up directly profiting our group, we know that we have done our best to help. And who knows, maybe one day that same customer will decide to call us back on a different job.

Concrete Driveway Experts

When you call the concrete experts at Denver Concrete, you will notice a difference from the start. At our initial consultation, our concrete experts will diagnose the current driveway. They will explain the condition of the concrete and the base. After reviewing the condition of the current concrete driveway, they will explain our process to building a dependable, reliable and beautiful new concrete drive.

Concrete Driveway Replacement Process

Denver Concrete Inc standard concrete driveway replacement service includes tearing out the existing driveway. Excavating the base of the current driveway and rebuilding the base. When we are hired to complete a driveway replacement in Denver, there is not an already existing compacted base the majority of the time.

The base of your concrete driveway is one of the most important elements of building a durable driveway. The concrete is the surface of the driveway. The base is really your driveway at the end of the day and the concrete is simply the top surface.

Driveway Replacement Denver Driveway Base

We take considerable time and effort to build a solid driveway base previous to forming and pouring. This new base is 4" - 6" depending on the underlying soil. Our crews will excavate for the new base, install road base and compact using a jumping jack or a compaction plate.

Forming Your New Concrete Driveway

After completing the new base of your driveway, our crew will go to work on forming the new driveway. Our standard pour for concrete driveways is 4" with a 4,000 PSI concrete mix. We build a consistent 4" pour throughout the driveway.

Reinforcement With Rebar Is Standard!

Number 3 rebar set every 2' on center for this driveway replacement Denver
ABOVE, Denver Concrete Inc was hired to tear out the lower portion of the driveway and install a new replacement driveway. As seen, the rebar is set every 2' on center and it is lifted on "chairs" This can be seen in the image below.

After building the forms, the new driveway forms are inspected and approved by the property owner and your concrete expert at Denver Concrete Inc. Before installing re bar, our expert will want to get the form construction approved. Once approved from the customer, (this requires an on-site inspection), our concrete crew will install re bar. In our standard driveway, we use Number 3 re bar or synthetic re bar (Gorilla Bar). The re bar grid is every 2' on center.

The re bar is set on "chairs", this places the re bar in the middle of the new concrete driveway. Oftentimes concrete contractors will attempt to place the re bar in the middle of the pad manually as they pour. This does not work as it is impossible to lift this grid into the middle of the pad without reinforcing it. Re bar that is set manually tends to fall to the bottom of the pad. When this happens, the re bar does not offer any kind of

rebar is critical for reinforcing your new driveway replacement Denver

The Pour

After the re bar is installed, it is time for the concrete truck. Our crews will utilize a pump or pull the barrel truck right up into the driveway and start pouring. They will raking the concrete (spreading the concrete and striking voids out of the concrete). After they have started pouring, they will begin screeding the concrete. This process is to level the top with the elevations that have been marked in the forms. This is the first step of finishing the concrete surface.

Once the concrete is raked into place and it is screeded, the finishers will start to bull float the surface of the concrete. The purpose of this process is to level the concrete driveway. Leveling the ridges that are created by screeding the concrete and also filling the voids. The float also brings the paste or "cream" to the surface and pushes down coarse aggregates.

Finishing The Replacement Driveway

After the finishers have floated the driveway, there might be a minute where the crew waits around. This will depend on several factors. Weather, concrete mix and underlying soils will all make a difference in how this concrete starts to cure. More oftentimes than not the finishers will need to wait for the concrete to set for finish.

When the concrete is ready to smooth trowel the surface, they will use "concrete sliders" or knee board sliders. This allows the finisher to work the surface with a finishing trowel without leaving imprints in the concrete. After or maybe even during the other finishers will apply a "broom finish". This will give the surface of the new concrete driveway traction.

Sealing Your New Concrete Driveway

We notice that most people do not think that concrete needs maintenance. This is incorrect. For the most part it does not; however, it is important to keep the concrete surface clean and even more important to seal. Unlike concrete patios, garage floors or basement floors, it is very important to use the right sealer on your concrete driveway.

We have written all about the benefits and need to seal your concrete driveway here. Make sure to take a minute and review that material. It will help prolong the life of your driveway. With the right product you will not have to seal the driveway more than once every 7 - 8 years. The product quality will determine how often you need to seal your driveway.

Denver Concrete Inc offers a free seal on all new concrete driveways. After a full cure (30 days), our crew will come back out and seal the driveway using a permeable sealer. This sealer will not affect the finish or color of the concrete. At the same time the concrete will repel water and most importantly it will combat deicing agents. Although you might not use salt or mag chloride. Your vehicle will naturally drip magnesium chloride (this is the ice melting agent that Denver County uses) on to the driveway.

After the sealant is applied, the new replacement driveway is complete! Denver Concrete Inc customers enjoy a 12 month warranty on all new Denver replacement driveways. This warranty protects against major cracking (cracks that are over 1/4") and major heaving. Best 17 Denver Contractors 4 Years In A Row!

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Whenever we head to an estimate, we often talk with customers about the other estimates they have received. It is commonplace that our customers receive one estimate from a contractor for replacement and that is it. As a matter of fact most other contractors never mentioned any other concrete services that they offer.

Our goal at Denver Concrete Inc is to educate our customers as to the available options and give them the information so that they can make an educated decision as to the best possible solution

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