Dana Johnson, Denver Concrete Inc consultant stands outside her new conrete project
Denver Concrete Inc consultants, sales experts and administrative staff are all part of the project at Denver Concrete Inc. Dana Johnson, Concrete Expert at Denver Concrete Inc starts this project off with the removal of all existing concrete.

Denver Concrete Inc is not your common everyday Wheat Ridge concrete contractor! We don't claim to be the best, we do our best. Every day. After reading many websites ourselves, we see the same thing over and again. We see nice websites with several nice photos, but we know customers want to see it all. We do not post on social media enough, and most importantly nobody ever shows their mistakes. Something we are going to change.

We decided after reviewing all the Wheat Ridge concrete contractors, we were going to do something different. Something that we did not see a great deal of. We are going to attempt to document every Wheat Ridge concrete project we complete, regardless of whether it is residential or commercial. We are going to show mistakes, how we fix these issues. We are also going to get into the common flaws we see in finished concrete. What to expect and how to take care of new concrete.

Denver Concrete Inc is focused on residential concrete flat work, so expect to see mostly concrete driveways, sidewalks, basement floors and garage floors. As a Wheat Ridge Concrete contractor it is common to see our crew in the North Side of Denver or the Lakeside area. In this case, the property is north of the Lakeside area in Wheat Ridge, Co.

Wheat Ridge Concrete Driveway Replacement Project

This project is located in the Barths neighborhood of Wheat Ridge. This homeowner was looking to completely change the look and feel of their home. Below is the beginning of the project and where we began.

Pictures of Barths Neighborhood Project at Start

Concrete project before beginning demolition on concrete driveway
Here the Denver Concrete Inc crew has begun concrete demolition on the back extended concrete driveway. Our goal on this day, to remove and dispose of all existing concrete. Our crew cannot leave behind any broken concrete.
Wheat Ridge, Co concrete patio area before replacement. Denver Concrete Inc
Concrete patio before Denver Concrete Inc demolition of existing traditional concrete back patio and overhang.
Stamped Concrete patio before installation in Wheat Ridge, Co
This area is where a new stamped concrete patio will be installed. This area will double as an extended driveway.

The project images above are of the area before replacement. In the image directly above, our crew has begun demolition and tear out of the back concrete driveway. Below is an overhead from Google before demolition.

Overhead Wheat Ridge, Co project before replacement by Denver Concrete Inc
This overhead, taken from Google Maps is the property before our crew began on this project.

The Goal of this Wheat Ridge Concrete Project

This homeowner did not have too many ideas in mind for final design and look. She wanted, "A new look and to get rid of the tired concrete in place." She wanted some accents throughout but did not want everything to be stamped concrete or colored concrete either for that matter.

Dana Johnson, Denver Concrete Inc's own color & design expert had consulted with this customer from the very beginning of the project. She assisted the customer in color selection and final design as well. It was important to separate the different areas of concrete and to not have one huge big traditional piece of concrete at the end of the day.

Dana explains, "From the start, since of the different geometry of this property, it not having a front walk and the front door being located on the side of the home, I wanted to give the illusion of a front walk in the driveway." Dana goes on to say, "the customer wanted to make sure that she defined the front walk. She explains that she has problems with delivery people finding the front door."

Wheat Ridge Concrete Driveway & Stamped Concrete Patio After Completion

Below are images of the project after it's completion. The crew had to return to the project a couple of times after the initial clean up to pay attention to all the small details. Denver Concrete Inc takes great pride in leaving every project in better condition than when we started.

Wheat Ridge, CO

Denver Concrete Inc services all of Wheat Ridge, CO. DENVER CONCRETE LOVES Wheat Ridge. We have completed many successful projects from Lakeside to Applewood. Denver Concrete Inc knows Wheat Ridge, Co.

Base Prep & Reinforcement

Concrete Demolition & Removal

There was a lot of concrete to remove in this Wheat Ridge concrete project. Below are pictures of the project after all of the concrete had been removed and before the crew went to work on the preparation of the base.  Click on any of the images below for a larger version of that photo.

Concrete driveway removal in Wheat Ridge, Co. Here Denver Concrete Inc crew has removed the front driveway to the street
After the concrete driveway and stoop have been removed, the crew gets ready to prepare the new base for the concrete driveway. Here, the "base" of the previous concrete driveway can be seen. It seems that the previous driveway was poured right on to dirt and no special consideration was given to the base.
Wheat Ridge concrete patio removal and demolition
Here, after the crew has completely demolished the previous back patio, concrete driveway and stoop, the crew readies to prepare the new base.
This home is situated with the front entrance to the house being on the side as you are facing the house from the street. This made design a little bit of a challenge. This photo is taken facing the side of the home where the front entry is.
This home is situated with the front entrance to the house being on the side as you are facing the house from the street. This made design a little bit of a challenge. This photo is taken facing the side of the home where the front entry is.
This is the view of the backyard and back patio after concrete removal has been completed
In this image, the rear concrete driveway and back patio have been removed.

After the crew has completed tear out of all existing concrete, this was the front concrete driveway, the back extended driveway, the front stoop and back patio, the crew is ready to prepare the base for the new concrete. The "base" is one of the most important aspects of the project. Denver Concrete Inc uses about 4" of road base for every driveway install that we complete. This case was no different, as a matter of fact with the base of the driveway having an almost "marshmallow" type feel to it, our crew installed and compacted about 6" of road base throughout the new front driveway and back extended driveway.

Wheat Ridge, CO