Brickform Stamped Concrete Patio

Green Valley, Denver CO

We find when we go out on our initial estimates that many homeowners would like to have a patio, but are just unaware of the possibilities of what can be done with concrete. Of course most everyone has heard of and seen stamped concrete now. Still, even though you know what stamped concrete is, you simply don’t know what you don’t know.

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Green Valley, Denver, Co Stamped Concrete Patio
Green Valley stamped concrete patio, patio specifics: COLOR: doe skin-238 STAMP: -flagstone ANTIQUE RELEASE tile red-500 BORDER COLOR: chestnut 

Stamped Concrete Patio Design 

In this project one of the biggest concerns was taking too much of the yard with the new patio. Additionally with the change in elevation from the back entrance of the home into the backyard, some of the new patio would be utilized for a rear entrance onto the new back patio. This will eliminate some of the usable sq footage of course. 

 When we began on this project in the planning stages, the actual design of the patio was completed by the homeowner. The finish, the colors and actual finish of the border was completed in conjunction with our color consultant and design expert Dana Johnson. 

In this case the homeowner was bold in their color selection and the finish reflects this solid decision. 

Stamped Concrete Patio Before & After

Everyone likes “before and after” pictures. Below are pictures of the area as Denver Concrete Inc crew started the project. Follow the before and after progress below. The initial pictures are before pictures of the project site.

Before Pictures

Before stamped concrete patio was installed, crew starts work on excavation of the new back patio
The crew begins work on the new concrete patio by removing the previous hardscape or paver apron.

Here, in these before pictures of the project site, a little paver patio for BBQ and sod make up the new back patio area. Our crew goes to work on excavation of the sod and removal of the existing paver patio. A small concrete stoop was installed by the builder, this was removed as well. Altogether the new back patio will be 220 sq ft. 

Before stamped concrete patio install

Patio Before Coloring

This brief video shows the patio after it had been poured and before final color and sealant has been applied. Here in this video, the color can be clearly seen (Doe Skin) from Brickform/Solomon Line of Integral Color. After this, the patio has final color or release applied to the main portion of the patio. In addition to the colored concrete patio, the patio border has been colored Chestnut from Brickform's line of color hardeners. The border has a smooth trowel finish with control joints cut every 18".

After Pictures

Once the patio has been formed and poured, there is still an additional step of adding final color and sealant. The pictures below were taken right after the patio had been formed and the site was initially cleaned. The color of this back patio is "Doe Skin" from Brickform/Solomon Integral Color Line of Concrete Colors. The Border has been colored using "Tile Red" from Brickform's/Solomon Concrete Hardner line of colors. The white buildup seen on the border in these pictures is frost. This patio was completed during April of 2021, so beginning of spring in the Rockies.

In the pictures below, the patio is completely finished with final color applied to the main patio. In this case, Antique-IT color is tile red and the patio was sealed using Concrete Coatings Matte sealant.

Stamped concrete patio after completion by Denver Concrete Inc

Patio Color and Specifics

Below are the colors used for this back patio. All colors were purchased from Rocky Mountain Decorative Concrete Supplies.

COLOR: doe skin-238
STAMP: -flagstone
ANTIQUE RELEASE: tile red-500
BORDER COLOR: chestnut

Green Valley, Denver CO stamped concrete patio

Denver stamped concrete patio

This patio was completed in two days for construction and another 4 days for final color, release cuts and sealant. So the entire crew was onsite for two days consecutively and then returned in a couple of days to apply final release color and sealant. The entire project took a total of six days from start to finish. The cost for this patio or total for this project came in at $5,254.00 or almost $23.00/ft².


Total Cost of Stamped Concrete Patio


$5,250.00       $23.00/ft²

Price included tear out, excavation, preparation, reinforcement, pour, finish and sealant.