How much does it cost to
install a paver driveway?

How much will it cost to install a paver driveway?

When faced with deciding what type of driveway you will install, installing a paver driveway is definitely something you might want to consider. A well cut and installed paver driveway is spectactular to say the least. Although a stamped concrete driveway can offer some of the same appeal as a paver driveway, but nothing can take the place of the real thing.

Depending on the material selected to install the paver driveway the cost will vary, we have seen some final installations that cost as low as $10.00 per square foot all the way up to $65.00 per sq foot. So, for example, let's say you were going to use a prefabricated paver and the cost of materials was around $.40 per sq ft. If Denver Concrete Inc were to only install the pavers, the project would come in close to $10/sq ft. On the other hand, if the material was a raw product like natural flag stone for example and every stone needed to be hand cut, the cost would increase substantially to almost $65.00/ sq ft.

So, this is a significant amount of variance between the cost of materials and it would be near impossible to cover the cost of a paver driveway, in a general statement. So below, we have created a small grid of what you could expect to see as a cost for installation of a paver driveway given the material. A couple of assumptions are made, one, the driveway is over 500 sq ft and secondly that there is easy access to the driveway. Given these assumptions:

Paver Driveway Cost Denver, Co

Type of Driveway Paver   Price per sq ft installed
Concrete   $12.50
Brick   $15.00
Cobblestones   $65.00
Flagstone (pre cut)   $40.00
Flagstone (natural)   $65.00

It is important to note that the costs above reflect a turn key installation in most cases, meaning this would include the cost of base preparation, grading, forming if necessary and final finishing. Additional services like sealing the paver driveway would be in addition to the costs seen above. These prices are the average price of materials and there are definitely more expensive materials. So, this is just a guideline as to what you might expect to see and could definitely be used to budget a project.

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