How much does it cost to install a driveway Denver?

This question comes to us a lot through customer inquiries, so of course it would entirely depend on the kind of driveway you were going to install. Typically when customers come to Denver Concrete Inc, they are looking to have a concrete driveway installed, repaired or replaced. Most people would not think that a concrete company might also install asphalt, gravel driveways, compacted road base driveways, paver driveways and really almost and kind of hardscape that is manufactured today.

So, it is a big question, "how much does it cost to install a driveway in Denver?"

So, we will do our best to tackle this all right here in one pricing grid. The pricing seen below has been taken from several sources and would be the average costs for driveway installation. All of the pricing below assumes that there is no demolition and the base preparation / forming is included.

Cost for Driveway Denver

Driveway Material Price Per Square foot
Aggregate or Gravel Driveway $2.30
Asphalt Driveway $5.00
Concrete Driveway $8.50
Paving Stone Driveway $14.00

As with anything that is basic, like this pricing above, it would be impossible to calculate your exact cost with these figures. Denver Concrete Inc provides these numbers so that property owners can give themselves a basic budget of where they would be at. We have had customers use these numbers and find out that the cost would be cheaper than what we have published here. So, please keep this in mind when generating basic "guesstimates" for your own Driveway.

So, with that being said, let's get into the different driveways and what they are. Most of these are self-explanatory so we have provided the "pros and cons" of each of these materials below.

Aggregate or Gravel Driveway

Paver or Paving Stone Driveway

Asphalt Driveways

Concrete Driveway

Advantage of Aggregate Driveways

  1. Affordability is going to be the number one reason to install a gravel driveway. You can see specific pricing on our "How much does it cost to install a stone driveway?"
  2. Very low maintenance... Got a shovel? You are going to need it. From time to time you will need to complete a simple regrade of the driveway by filling in holes and reshifting the material.
  3. Very easy to do yourself. The most important part of installing a gravel driveway is preparing the base of the driveway.

Advantages of Paver Driveways

  1. Probably one of the most appealing finishes out of all of the options. This driveway will really give the home a great "curb appeal"
  2. This product was built for the weather, stone and brick are simply more durable than asphalt or even concrete in most cases.
  3. Pavers are just clean, clean looking, functionally more clean than gravel or dirt. The surface is always firm and is reliable.

Advantages of an Asphalt Driveway

  1. Asphalt has a clean look and feel to it, it is a very stable material. Although it is not as appealing as concrete or stone, it is practical.
  2. Snow removal is a breeze on asphalt, it can be shoveled or plowed without much concern about the damage to the surface.
  3. Asphalt offers high traction which is perfect for a driveway.

Advantages of a Concrete Driveway

  1. Probably the most stable material to be used for the surface of a driveway.
  2. With a broom finish, concrete offers fantastic traction
  3. Easy snow removal
  4. Long lifespan 20 - 30 years
  5. Very low maintenance compared to other materials.

The BAD about Gravel Driveways

  1. Quite simply, no matter what color or how you do it, it just simply is not pretty. That is an opinion... Remember, we are a "concrete" company so we are going to lean towards new concrete as the solution for everything. This of course is ridiculous and we admit it. So, back to being objective again.
  2. Snow removal is near impossible without throwing gravel all over the place.
  3. Ruts... Through storms, water erosion and regular use, your gravel driveway will form "waterboard" type surface or just ruts through the driveway. Proper grading and water mitigation during install will assist in preventing or slowing this down, it will still be something that will need to be addressed in future maintenance.

The NASTY about Stone or Paver Driveways

  1. Very high cost compared to using the other materials (concrete, asphalt or gravel)
  2. In Colorado with more adverse weather conditions, a paver driveway is very rare. This is because in extreme weather conditions a paver driveway can be very slippery.
  3. Unstable in areas where runoff, storm runoff would be an issue. So for those property owners that are concerned about moving soils, or soil erosion a paver driveway is not the best material.

The UGLY parts about Asphalt

  1. Asphalt must be maintained, every 3 - 5 years you will need to resurface the driveway. Not a huge expense, but something that must be done in order to get the most out of your asphalt driveway.
  2. Longevity of an asphalt driveway is much less that of concrete with an expected life of 15 - 20 years.
  3. Best professionally installed unless of course you are an asphalt contractor or alike, but then why would you ever be reading this?

Is there anything bad about concrete? This is what we came up with...

  1. Concret is the second most expensive material as compared to gravel, stone and asphalt.
  2. Run off, concrete can lead to runoff which needs to be mitigated from the beginning. Run off can lead to landscape damage, damage to the concrete itself.
  3. Professional installation is recommended although for do-it-yourselfers this is easier than asphalt installation. Make certain to check out our "do-it-yourself" guide for concrete driveways and patios if you have not already done so!

A driveway is more important than any property owner likes to admit. It is the very first thing that potential customers or buyers see when approaching the property. An attractive driveway or parking lot will not of course bring in customers or buyers in by the truckload, but it definitely makes the property more appealing.

Which is more appealing to you? On the left a gravel driveway and on the right a concrete driveway. Although concrete is definitely more expensive, anyone can see the curb appeal of the concrete driveway. Best 17 Denver Contractors 4 Years In A Row!

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