Of course installing a driveway in Denver is going to be a much different cost than it would be in Durango Colorado. The prep for the new driveway and materials used might also be different as the way concrete is installed changes from region to region because of the difference in weather and climates. According to www.thumbtack.com, “the national average cost to install a concrete driveway” is roughly about six dollars a square foot. If you have looked at our other posts and pages about the cost of a concrete driveway replacement, you’ll see that for the average driveway (two car driveway about 38 foot in length by 16 foot wide) the average price per square foot is about seven dollars per square foot.

Average cost of driveway in Denver Colorado (Tear out existing and replace)
All pricing below are averages from different online sites and from contractors directly.



Sq Ft of Project

4 in

6 in

8 in

< 300 sq ft




301 – 500 sq ft




501 – 1000 sq ft




1001 – 2500 sq ft





So, with that being said there are many other questions and variables that need to be answered in order to come up with a complete price for your new driveway. Some things to consider are, why you are replacing your current driveway to begin with. Is the current driveway spalling or cracking very badly? You will also want to assess the base of your driveway wants the old driveway has been torn out. Regardless of whether you are working with a contractor or not it is important for you to manage your project and make sure that the new installation is as “solid” as it possibly can be. You can do this by making sure that you follow this small checklist of “things to check for” when pouring your new concrete driveway in Denver.

We have found that not too many concrete companies are willing to publish their pricing online and it makes sense when you stop and think about it. There are so many variables when pricing a concrete project that nobody wants to be held to a price that they published on their website. The main reason that Denver Concrete Inc. publishes their pricing online is because it gives our customers a rough idea and I guideline to use when pricing their own projects. Of course, we cannot account for the “unseen” such as extra road base that might need to be installed or a thicker pour for example.

So while the prices that we have published are a guideline, Denver Concrete Inc. really takes the time to educate our customers so that there is no “surprises” throughout the estimate process. In order to make certain that you get a comprehensive quote on your driveway you will want to make sure and request a quote (you can do that on this page to the right of this article). According to Denver Concrete Company the prices are even higher than the average prices we found through www.thumbtack.com. So it’s safe to say that a range for pricing a concrete driveway in Denver would range from $6.50 per square foot to $8.50 per square foot. At the end of the day what’s most important is that the estimate you receive is comprehensive and lists by line item all of the different materials and labor that will be used in order to complete the project.

This is important when shopping concrete contractors in Denver because you want to make sure that you are comparing estimates on an even perspective. It’s important that you take into account all of the materials in preparation that will go into building the new driveway, it goes without saying that not every contractor is the same. Some contractors are going to take a great deal of time in preparing the new base for the new concrete driveway while others are simply going to tear out the driveway that’s in place, form and pour a new driveway and move on.

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