Cost to Repair/Replace Concrete Driveway Apron

ABOVE, The 'driveway apron' is simply the area from the street to the driveway. Pictured above is a colored apron with control joints every 2' on center.

Oftentimes the entire driveway does not need to be replaced or repaired. Many times just the driveway apron or the area near the entrance of the driveway needs to be addressed. This is mainly due to the fact that this is the portion of the driveway that gets the most action.

concrete apron or driveway apron is the area seen here, the area from the street to the driveway
A well built driveway apron serves to connect the driveway to the sidewalk or to the main street for the house. The entire purpose of the concrete driveway apron is to offer a more seamless transition from the street to the driveway.

Many driveway aprons become chipped and erode more than the rest of the driveway, this is called spalling and can be seen in the image to the right. As seen in this image, the driveway is spalling mainly at the base of the driveway. In this case, due to the fact that this driveway is located in Denver, Colorado, it would be safe to assume that this spalling has been caused in great deal by the magnesium chloride that Denver and the surrounding areas use for snow removal/control during the winter months. Magnesium chloride or salt will penetrate the surface of concrete and start to erode the adhesion of the surface of the concrete with the aggregate underneath. After time and enough erosion, the surface starts to chip up and cause cosmetic “pits” in the surface which usually expand over time. This is called spalling.

This area is an enlargement of the apron in the more "conventional" driveway seen above. This area is spalling and some of the sections above this area are spalling very badly.

So regardless of the reason why, you are looking to fix the driveway apron. This always varies of course from project to project; however, the average driveway apron in the Denver metro area is (17’ x 8’) or about 140 sq ft. In this example we are going to compare tearing out and replacing the apron yourself or hiring a concrete contractor like Denver Concrete to install the concrete driveway apron.

This kind of project falls under Denver Concrete Inc's 300 sq ft project, this means that Denver Concrete Inc would be able to tear out and complete this project for the minimum project which is $3,000.00. Using Denver Concrete Inc the price per sq ft for this small project would be right at $21.50/sq ft. Many customers know that they could complete the project cheaper themselves (that is exactly why we completed this comparison of a project just like this here). In our comparison we found that the cost for the customer to complete the project themselves was right at $1,900.00 and we did not include any kind of money for the customer's time in that scenario.

We have not shopped this small project with competing contractors simply because it is difficult to reach other contractors and especially for smaller projects. Denver Concrete Inc. is more than glad to help you with smaller projects and you can depend on our concrete experts to return calls and clearly communicate with you from the estimate throughout the entire project.

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Driveway Apron - Smaller Projects, less than 300 sq ft

In this case, the project, the concrete apron for the driveway is less than our project minimum of 300 sq ft. This means that the entire project would be completed with a $3,000.00 estimate.

Typically in a case like this there is other concrete around the property that needs to be completed. You definitely want to take advantage of having a concrete crew come out to complete work, the more that you have to complete the cheaper your project becomes (when considered per sq ft).

In the concrete world, projects do not just scale down. As a concrete company we have to have enough professionals on crew to complete the job correctly the first time. This means that we do not break up crews to work on smaller projects. It just does not make sense from a scheduling perspective.

We also do not want to turn down any project! We have found that a project needs to be around 300 sq ft or more, otherwise the project will be priced as a "project" minimum ($3,000.00). We do continuously get asked from customers that have worked with us before to complete projects smaller than 300 sq ft, which we are glad to do, those projects just fall under the project minimum. To understand more about our project minimum, please visit our project minimums page here.

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