How much does it cost to repair a driveway Denver?

Good question and one that we are asked every day by potential customers every day. The answer is not a simple one as it really depends on what kind of work the project would require. Repairing a driveway could mean many different things. The biggest question is whether or not the current concrete can be repaired or does it need to be replaced?

Concrete Driveway Repair Denver

For concrete repairs, this could include other services such as concrete overlays, concrete grinding, mud jacking or concrete lifting. Tearing out and replacing the concrete is not always necessary. The cost for these services vary from service to service. We have listed these services below with the base cost for each.

Service Price /sq ft
Concrete Driveway Grinding $6.00
Concrete Driveway Resurfacing $4.50
Concrete Driveway Lifting $5.00
Concrete Driveway Crack Chasing $4.00
Concrete Driveway Replacement $8.00


The prices shown above are not comprehensive, so in other words an estimator would need to come out and verify the conditions of the project. What we did publish here is a solid guideline to pricing out concrete repairs for a driveway. The prices above reflect an average of what we have seen for various projects and it is intended to give you an idea as to what it might cost to repair your concrete driveway.

For information on the services listed above, please click on any one of the links for more information. Assesing whether or not your concrete is a good candidate for any of the services would require an in-person estimator so that we can be sure of the estimates that we provide.

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Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding is a way of preserving your concrete by removing surface irregularities and imperfections. In Denver we are typically grinding "concrete heaving" spots where the concrete has been lifted over time.

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