Patio Rejuvenation / Concrete Restoration Project

Above, picture of the project site from the front of the property.


This project is located in Commerce City. The homeowner was listing the home for sale and needed to fix the cosmetic issues with the existing concrete. The existing stamped/decorative concrete needed to be re-sealed and the driveway needed a couple of sections resurfaced.

Commerce City Concrete Restoration Project

It is true that concrete can never really just be repaired to the original day it was finished. There are repairs available such as elastomeric caulking, resurfacing concrete, paint, etc.

Project Mission: Affordable Concrete Restoration

In this project the customer wanted to restore her concrete driveway and back patio with minimal cost. The home owner started with obtaining an estimate to tear out and replace her existing concrete driveway and back patio. The home was being staged to be listed soon and the homeowner had been advised by the listing real estate agent to fix or replace the existing issues with the concrete driveway, sidewalk.

Pre-Existing Concrete Issues

Heaving / Cracking Concrete

The customer's existing concrete sidewalk has shifted so severe that it created severe tripping hazards near the backyard entrance. The homeowner wanted to start the project by tearing this section of sidewalk out and replacing it.


ABOVE, the pre-existing stamped concrete sidewalk. As seen above and below, there is major cracking as the sidewalk has dropped at least 2” - 3”. This can be seen in contrast with the concrete driveway. 


As seen in the picture below the sidewalk has shifted significantly and created tripping hazards that are 2" - 3".


Along with the severely cracked and heaving sidewalk, the homeowner had expressed interest in replacing the existing concrete driveway as well as rejuvenating the existing concrete patio and remaining sidewalk that would not be demolished. 


Due to budget restrictions the concrete consultant from Denver Concrete Inc worked with the homeowner to design a plan that would fit the customer’s budget as well as ready the home for sale on the market. In order to make this home more appealing for the upcoming listing, the homeowner decided to remove the very badly section of concrete sidewalk and replace it with stamped concrete. Ultimately the goal was to match the pattern (stamp pattern) as well as the existing color.


Original Project Notes & Scope of Work

Below are the original notes and scope of work detailed by our concrete consultant in the field. All Denver Concrete Inc projects are outlined and defined during this portion of the process. This allows for our consultants to “get on the same page” with our customer and make certain that we are communicating.


13474 E 107th Avenue

Commerce City, CO 80022

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Remove / Replace Sidewalk

Property owner would like to price for removal and replacement of current failing stamped and stained concrete walkway. As seen in the images below, the existing sidewalk is buckling and heaving. The owner is placing the property on the market and needs the sidewalk to be not only functional, but have the entire installation rejuvenated as well. 

ABOVE, the existing sidewalk to the left or east of the existing driveway. As seen in the picture, the sidewalk has literally dropped down four inches from it's original installation. The entire walkway above will be torn out and replaced. The base will need to be reinstalled and compacted. Below, you can see that there never was any base compacted before installation. It was installed on existing soils.


Here is the section of sidewalk just past the front gate entrance. Here the concrete seen, a void is adjacent to the utility box seen in the picture. Below, you can see directly below to grade and there is no installation of road base or site prep visible.


Taken inside the crack, there is no visible road base or prep here. Understandably this void has become larger over time, but still there should be evidence of base prep if there were any. 


Just a close up of the damage to the existing sidewalk. The scope of work will include significant grading for water mitigation as well as significant compaction for installation of the new walkway.


Walkway to be replaced measures 27' x 4 for a total of 108 sq ft.


108 sq ft Tear Out & Replace


Patio Walkway Rejuvenation

Complete Rejuvenation to existing patio and walkway. New walkway will be stamped traditional concrete and will be grey in color once set. The remaining walkway and back patio will need to be stripped of any existing sealer, re-stained and sealed. The property owner would like to maintain the current color or try to match as best as possible. 

Patio above has effervescence build up as well as areas where the stain has just completely vanished. The existing patio measures 35' x 14' for a total of 490 sq ft. 


ABOVE, The patio stain has worn over time and currently it much heavier in some areas than others. Below, the portion of the walkway that does not need to be torn out and replace, but needs to be re-colored and sealed. The measurements for this portion of the walkway is 38 linear feet x 4' wide.


Total sq footage of walkway for rejuvenation is 152 sq ft


Total Sq Ft for Restain and Seal: 642 Best 17 Denver Contractors 4 Years In A Row!

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