Requesting an estimate is easier and more efficient than ever! When you request an estimate from us, please be as detailed as possible. This will save you time.

We might need to contact you while we research your estimate in order to understand the scope of work to be completed. When we complete an estimate for a project it is a little different than other estimates we have seen. This is because every estimate has been reviewed for all possible outcomes and we have put our absolute best effort into the estimate.

How does Denver Concrete price estimates?

In a nutshell, when we are reviewing a project in person or preparing for an initial estimate, we want to take into account all possible obstacles to the project and how to overcome those obstacles. For example, we notice three downspouts that have not been directed, we include this as an option in our new proposal and inform home owner of advantages to making this change. So, when it comes to our estimate or prices they are always going to be a little more expensive. We do not attempt to compete for projects on price alone, ever. We know and understand that we will not possibly earn 100% of the concrete business in Denver, we aren't a perfect fit for every project.

Plumbing trenches completed at Central Market on Larimer St in downtown Denver before current finish 2016.

Ok. So we fill out the form... and then what?

Good question. Our team goes to work immediately if we have enough information. If it is a project that we need to get out in the field to review in person, you will receive an email or phone call from our team to schedule an in person estimate. Most projects do require an "on-site" visit to complete project notes properly. Only in cases of completely brand new projects, with plans and soil tests is it not really necessary to complete an onsite visit.

After completing the onsite visit and interview you can depend on receiving your estimate back within 1 business day. If for some reason it will take longer our representative will stay in touch to inform you of the progress of your estimate. To learn more about our estimate process, click here

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