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Stained concrete floors Denver are much different than what many expect. We have answered many questions from customers that are searching for "stained concrete floors Denver". About half of those customers are really looking for "acid stained concrete". There is a big difference between the two.

Stained Concrete Floors Denver Services

Unlike acid staining, this is a water-based stain that is non-reactive with the concrete. With concrete stain you actually have control over the color that you will wind up with at the end of the project. You can take the guess work out!

With acid stain, it is a reactive type stain which means that it actually creates a chemical reaction with the concrete. While the effect is gorgeous, the outcome is unique and unknown from the onset of the project.

Denver Concrete Inc proudly uses Westcoat Water-Based Stain. The colors vary from stain system to stain system. Here we include color charts for the Fast Stain System as well was the Water-Based Stain. Below you can see the water-based stain SC-35 color chart. So there are definitely a variety of colors available. Multiple colors create more variance in final look.

Interior Stained Concrete

Denver Concrete's interior stained concrete process is affordable and attractive. Our interior application is a three part system wherein our crew begins by cleaning the concrete by grinding the surface lightly. After cleaning the concrete floor, the acetone dye is applied, then a sealant is applied to the stained concrete. There are different options for the sealer from a polyurethane sealer to a semi-gloss polyurethane sealer.

This is our "fast stain" concrete service and is the perfect application for interior basement floors, garage floors, office spaces, retail stores and showrooms. The product is durable and is more permeable than a micro topping.

Concrete stain systems like this have very low continued maintenance. This "fast stain" concrete stain needs maintenance 2-4 years depending on traffic.

Exterior Stained Concrete

For exterior stained concrete applications, Denver Concrete uses a semi-transparent decorative concrete stain. Unlike the interior concrete stain, this exterior stain allows for deeper penetration into the concrete substrate. The application is similar to our interior concrete staining process.

After the concrete substrate is throughly cleaned, the concrete stain is applied. Once the initial stain has cured a sealant is applied for the final finish. Sealants come in a variety of finishes from high gloss to a semi gloss. For exterior applications skid resistance for traction is required. This is added to the final coat of sealer applied.

It is all in the preparation

Where many contractors fail with sealants and coatings, Denver Concrete succeeds. Our experts invest a significant amount of time into education. This means that they are out in the field testing product and learning about best practices for installation.

With almost any product, from concrete resurfacing to acid staining, each project is all about the preparation. Our crews take their time to insure the outcome is consistent each and every time. We follow the manufacturer's installation instructions with all product. We know how critical it is that your project have a successful outcome, and we are committed to achieving this.

Poor project execution always has to do with poor planning. Poor planning is from a lack of preparation and education. From the onset, you can expect our entire team to communicate realistic expectations and deadlines. You can expect our crews to take their time and invest into the outcome of your project. Lastly, you can expect a cleaner site than what we started with.

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Commercial Stained Concrete Floors

Whether you are looking at a commercial or residential concrete flooring project, you will definitely want to consider concrete stain as an option. As seen above and below, concrete stain allows you to give your concrete floor a consistent color and look throughout.

Regardless of whether you are looking for an interior or exterior application, Denver Concrete has the right product for your concrete stained floor, patio or driveway.