Affordable & Stunning Stamped Concrete Patios

Stamped concrete patios are definitely a popular choice for our residential customers. Most residential customers like the look of stamped concrete over traditional concrete. It is customizable, affordable and stands out when compared to traditional concrete patios.

Denver Concrete Inc focuses on stamped concrete as a service. Each stamped concrete patio we install is not only gorgeous, but completely unique as well. Our team of concrete experts assist our customers from design, to color selection and final finish of each stamped concrete patio we complete.

Denver stamped concrete project in Central Park, Denver, Co

What is a Stamped Concrete Patio?

Stamped Concrete Patios, as its name implies, stamped with decorative concrete patterns and colors. The process of stamping concrete involves typically coloring the concrete in the barrel truck, and finishing with a molded stamp. This stamp tamped into the surface and typically patterned after a more "organic" traditional hardscape. From brick to cobble and even flagstone, there are a myriad of choices when it comes to stamped concrete patios. Stamped concrete is durable and strong, but like any other product, it can deterioriate without maintenance.

Stamped concrete patios can fit any space. However, it's important to pay attention to some basic maintenance tips, which will ensure years of enjoyment.

Stamped concrete patio Central Park, Denver, CO

Is Stamped Concrete Expensive?

When evaluating patios and decks, stamped concrete patios are nowhere near the expense of traditional wood decks or even hardscapes like pavers or stone. Stamped concrete as a general guideline is around $25.00 - $35.00/ sq ft compared to traditional concrete pricing of closer to $17.00 / sq ft.

At last check, wood decking installed goes for around $75.00 ft² and hardscapes such as brick pavers or paver stones price around $60.00 ft². Compared to these alternatives, stamped concrete is definitely more appealing.

So what if any drawbacks are there to stamped concrete patios? If anything makes a customer hesitate about installing a stamped concrete patio, it is the maintenance.

Stamped Concrete Patio Maintenance

Stamped Concrete Maintenance is perhaps the biggest drawback to owning a stamped concrete patio. Every year or two, stamped concrete patios exposed to the elements, must be assessed for sealant. Deferred maintenance on stamped concrete not only looks unsightly but in the long run is bad for the fundamental construction of the patio.

Stamped concrete needs regular maintenance with a routine topical sealant. These sealants made of polyurethane and other reactive agents. Stamped concrete must be sealed routinely as it is more porous than traditional concrete and the sealant helps the patio weather the elements. To read more about stamped concrete maintenance, click here.

stamped concrete patio in Denver, CO. Central Park formerly Stapleton, Co

Stamped Concrete Patio Design

Denver Concrete Inc operates a little differently when it comes to stamped concrete. Most of our customers have never installed concrete before. We assist in the education process, so our customers choose exactly the kind of finish and colors they are really looking for.

There are several hundred patterns to choose from when designing a stamped concrete patio. Our team of consultants are here to help! Designing a patio can be overwhelming with all of the options and choices available. Making a decision can almost be stressful.

This is exactly why our team of concrete consultants / experts are educated, trained and continuously educated about decorative and stamped concrete.

Stamped Concrete Patio Colors

Once homeowners know exactly what pattern & patio design they want to use for their concrete, they need to choose the color (intergral color). The concrete colors provided by the manufacturer can be mixed at different ratios in order to achieve the perfect shade. In addition to the intergral color, there is the release color and other concrete stains. Applying other colors will complement the overall look and feel of the patio.

Arvada stamped concrete patio installed August 2021

Denver Concrete Inc installed this stamped concrete patio in August of 2021. This patio has been colored slate with a medium gray release.

Most of these colors are made from special resins that have a glass like appearance. The colors can vary from slightly pastel to extremely vibrant. Once the color is chosen, it must be mixed according to the manufacturer's instructions, and the resulting mixture then poured into the forms.

Denver Concrete Inc stamped concrete patios often are accompanied by a separate color and sometimes even contrasting stamp pattern. The contrast is not only appealing, but gives the patio a great deal of character. Even if a border is not elected, we highly recommend customizing your new stamped concrete patio. Your concrete expert will be able to review options and help you select the best solution.

Many homeowners choose patterns with four colors, or even six colors, for their Stamped Concrete Patio. The more colors that are introduced, the more organic the finished look.

If you are considering a stamped concrete patio for your home or rental property, give the team at Denver Concrete Inc a call today! Let us help you design a space that will complement your lifestyle. Best 17 Denver Contractors 4 Years In A Row!

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