Is Stamped Concrete Expensive? The average price for simple colored and stamped concrete is $8.00 - $12.00 per sqft.

So, stamped concrete can be relatively inexpensive. You can get very basic stamped concrete as a new installation for as low as $12.00 per/sqft. This of course does not include any other decorative finishes that the customer might like to have installed (i.e. lighting, saw cuts, borders, etc). So, a very basic colored and stamped patio could go for even lower if the colors chosen were lighter and more neutral, with a very basic stamp could be done as low as $8.00 per/sqft. So, compared to basic concrete (grey concrete), stamped concrete can be almost as reasonably priced.

The price of stamped concrete really depends on three different aspects of the project:

  1. Is the concrete going to be colored?
    1. If you will be adding color to the concrete (most stamped concrete does make use of colored concrete) than this will add to the expense of the project. The darker the color of pigment of the concrete the more expensive (i.e. slate is more costly as a color than desert tan).
  2. How difficult is the stamp pattern?
    1. There are several different stamp patters, from very difficult and easy to install to very time consuming and more difficult (i.e. skin stamp versus a cobblestone stamp, some stamps take a great deal longer to line up and so forth). Some stamped concrete patterns like “cobblestone” require hand tooling and finishing after the project has set, and after release has been set but before concrete sealer has been applied.
  3. Will a release or second color be used?
    1. In most cases where the mission is to obtain a “natural” look and feel, then a hardener or release will be used. This will add a secondary color to the concrete which will give the final look a much more organic look and feel.

Stamped Concrete Pricing

Below is standard market pricing from what we have seen in the market place for Denver

Price per sq ft

Basic stamped concrete

Basic Stamped Concrete Installation

Basic stamped concrete will have a simpler, less complex pattern. A slate skin stamp for example would qualify as a basic design. Most simpler designs depend on saw cut lines to enhance the look and feel. Those additional features would be added to the expense of the price per sq ft. Most of the time in order to save on budget, this basic stamped concrete is not colored and is "gray" organic colored concrete.

$8.00 - $10.00

Image result for stamped concrete cobblestone

Colored and Stamped Concrete

Colored and stamped concrete is going to differ from basic stamped concrete as the concrete is colored, stamped and then a release is added to the surface of the new install. This process gives our stamped concrete a more "natural" or organic look and feel.

$12.00 -$14.00

Image result for stamped concrete high end

High End Colored and Decorative Concrete

Higher end stamped concrete is typically going to involve a great deal more customization. This would be multiple colors, different patterns and more complex stamping patterns. To learn more about different stamp patterns for your stamped concrete project, make certain to visit our Stamped Concrete Pattern page.

$18.00 starting


Even on the high-end, stamped and decorative concrete is a much lower cost alternative to organic materials for paving and hardscape's like flagstone or slate. Even wood decking proves to be at least twice the cost of "high end" stamped concrete projects. So although stamped concrete is definitely more expensive than traditionally set and finished concrete patios or driveways, it is definitely not expensive compared to other alternatives for hardscape thing and so forth.

Most of our customers that have elected to install stamped concrete have explained to us that their friends and family have of course given compliments about their new patio, driveway or whatever. In addition, more importantly, those same customers explained that their friends always guessed the price for the stamped concrete was higher than what it really was. So… make certain you talk with our team at Denver Concrete Inc before making a decision on your new concrete project in haste. Oftentimes we are able to come in and do stamped or decorative concrete for the same price that other concrete companies in Denver offer regular “gray” concrete for.

To learn more about stamped concrete make certain to check the "what is stamped concrete?" Article on this blog. We have also covered “the process of creating stamped and colored concrete”. After having a chance to read those articles it is apparent that stamped concrete is more time intensive than traditionally finished concrete. Best 17 Denver Contractors 4 Years In A Row!

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