What is concrete grinding?

Concrete grinding is done with a concrete grinding blade, either on a "man-sized" walk behind grinder or a hand held angle grinder. Either way, concrete grinding is used in an effort to create a more even concrete surface.

Concrete grinding is especially useful in flooring where the underlying sub-floor (concrete) is rough and unven, perhaps there is an epoxy surface or a concrete overlay that needs to be removed before installing another flooring surface. Concrete grinding is mission critical for polished concrete flooring or any concrete flooring quite honestly.

Restoring Concrete Surfaces or Flooring

Grinding concrete will remove all of the imperfections and inconsistences in the concrete ultimately giving a smooth and usable surface for flooring installation. Grinding the concrete will take the top layer off, typically the "finish" and will expose the aggregate beneath. This is definitely a beautiful look.

pictured above, before and after photos of a concrete project completed by Denver Concrete Inc on a countertop for an outdoor kitchen. The surface had been worn, chipped and the colored concrete just didn't "pop" any longer. Grinding the surface gave a new surface, exposing the aggregate underneath giving a beautiful brand new finish.Click on the image for a larger version.

In the picture above, the concrete sidewalk had "fallen" down creating a "lip" or tripping hazard in the concrete. The ground concrete has taken the tripping hazard out of the sidewalk.

Grinding the concrete surface down will remove paint, dirt and oil, epoxy flooring. In the end we are removing at least 1/16" and oftentimes maybe a little more. Removing this top layer or the old surface exposes a new surface that can be retreated.

Concrete grinders more often times than not will use a concrete diamond blad in order to grind through the concrete.

Concrete Grinding City Sidewalk / Public Walkways

A lot of the grinding work we do at Denver Concrete Inc is to come and grind out uneven "stones" sections of city sidewalk and driveways for example. If the offset or lifting is beneath 1" we can usually grind the surface. For extreme lifting (above 1") concrete lifting is typically not an option.

Concrete grinding can definitely be a budget saver compared to tearing out and replacing old concrete. The issue with concrete grinding, especially in the case of the city sidewalk is that it is a temporary fix. It is difficult to know how long the repair will be effective. This is the case with any kind of concrete repair versus replacement.

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